Saturday, March 10, 2007 of goodies!

Hello Everyone!
Well I finally got all the baby shower stuff finished up and managed to take pictures. A few are not so good....I think it's the lights in my sewing room....... I also have some wonder wallets, a needlecase and a whatnot from LazyGirl too!
Ok... here we go

Booties!!! The ones in the back on the left are made with baby yarn...the ones in the front are made with dishcloth cotton...the pattern is super simple and it's a freebie from somewhere on the net.... the sneaks are an annie attic pattern from eons ago. They won't go to the shower....after the little one is born, I'll make him/her their first pair of jeans and a t shirt and put the hitops with those.

As you can see I still haven't figured out how to rotate the pictures here... but these are a little pair of socks made from cottons tots yarn...... too cute!

This is a baby wash cloth...the color is actually a peach color and the design in the center is a hobby horse.....It's a booboo bunny!!! It's made from a purple washcloth

This is the little card that goes with the bunny... It says
If a boo boo is making you feel crummy
Put an ice cube in my tummy
Hold it to your boo boo tight
Soon everything will be alright

Here are two of the long burp rags...... these are made from regular diapers they are twice the length that you see here...the backs are plain so the little one won't rub against the embroidery while they are being burped

These burps are made from prefolded diapers...they are a little shorter than the other burps and the back half of these is also plain

This burper is made from a soft terry towel

Eyeore and Piglet bibs

This is part of a 3 piece crib mat set..... there are two small mats and one long mat. They are made from flannel backed vinyl with soft flannel on top.....the large one is about 26" long and the small ones are about 15" long

This is one of the small ones open....... I gotta learn to fix these pictures before I upload them! The picture below is the large one.

This is a lazy girl whatnot! It's made from 2 10" squares of fabric and tens all of 15 minutes to make! I added a bit of lavendar sachet to this one before I closed the slit..... it looks cute sitting on a shelf and it smells wonderful!

These 4 wonder wallets are ready to go into the gift box...... they are great for a quick gift. I usually stick a starbucks card in it.

This is a lazy girl needle case...... these are very fast to make. The pictures below show the back pocket on the case... I put a small tape measure and a ripper in there...and on the inside I put a fold up scissors, a black bobbin, a white bobbin and some needles and pins... this is going in the gift box too!

Well...that's all for this week. I have several things in the works right now and one or two of them might be done by next weekend. I have a job for a client to do this that will take up some of my spare time...

Have a great week!