Sunday, August 9, 2009

Finally it's hot!

Yesterday and today are the first days in the 90's that we've had since May!! It's been a amazingly cool summer.... nites in the 50's even! Along with the heat comes the humidity too! This weekend is the first that I've had to turn on the air conditioning....... mainly to get the humidity out..... but my sewing room is nice and's in the basement... and there's a big fan......and it's wonderful!

This week I finished up the last two beach houses for the beach cottage scrap quilt. I made the 3 sun blocks also...... this week I'll work on the water and waves... I need 7 of them......then I can start cutting the rest of the pieces and getting my rows in order. I plan to do some embroidery on some of the houses... maybe put a name on the bank....and the Chocklit shop.... a flower or two here and there.... just some ideas floating around at the moment......

I also made my first scrappy wonky stars! I'm in a stash busting swap and this months swapee wanted wonky stars........ so off I went to to check them out.... I made two in a matter of minutes.......and then I took the fabric she sent... and began making stars... she sent 4 5"charms so I cut them into 4 pieces and used them for the centers of the stars... I'll be sending her 16 6 1/2" stars for her swap quilt! All but the centers on these came from the scrap bag! I think I'm beginning to see a small dent in the bag finally!! This scrap bag reminds me of a box of chinese food... I keep taking stuff out.. but it just nevers seems to be getting less! lol

Below are this weeks pictures........havea great week!!