Monday, August 27, 2007

Chocoblue Set and LazyGirl Stuff

Yep... I know it's Monday.... and I usually do this on Sunday... but I had a very good reason..... see Lazy Girl Designs is coming out with a brand new bag in October... and it's official unveiling was today...BUT... us lazies got to view it on Friday.... but we had to promise to keep our lazy yaps shut... and if I would have updated yesterday... I don't know that I could have kept that promise... so I waited til today...

The new Miranda bag is outstanding!! check out I have my pattern preordered and my fabric picked out and ordered too.... now.... is it october yet???

I finished up the tote bag and zipper pouch that goes with the chocoblue set I've been working on.... it's really called MetroBlue but I like chocoblue much better. There are pics in the folder on the photo site.

Now that I've done something for me... it's back to working on the christmas box... there's 17 more weekends til christmas!!! For those of you playing along.... you should have 8 presents minimum in the box.......or at least something close to that number... and for those of you who choose to help the economy by shopping... you have 121 days left.

Check out the photo site for some applique towels too... this is a club project. I just love the ghost and the snowman!

I do believe thats it for this week.....

Have a safe labor day holiday....