Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I've been lax in posting in november and now all of a sudden it's DECEMBER!!! wow!

I have been busy though. all of my presents and gifties that needed to go on vacation with me did so..... I have 2 pair of loungers and 2 ties to make and I'm done!

I have some little trinket stuff to do... catnip toys, etc........ but for the most part I am ready for the Jolly Guy to come visit me!!!

And it's really a good thing that I start early and follow the 25 Weeks of Christmas program.... last week I was gone for a week....... gone this weekend to an out of town party and gone next weekend to Chicago for our anniversay....... don't get much done now during the week when I get home........

The 25 weeks of Christmas is my yahoo group... we have goals and a plan and by this time of year we are wrapped ... tagged... bagged and ready to enjoy a stress free Holiday season...
We are accepting new members for 2011 so come and join us! ( I think that's the direct link)

We do require you to post often and participate in the monthly goals....... and we will boot you out if you don't! lol No slackers or lurkers allowed........ we are a very helpful, chatty, productive bunch and we've turned many folks into stressfree holiday folks!

I don't know if I'll post again before the end of the year... probably should one more time...... need to go over my goals and see what made it and what didn't....

I know that the dear jane didn't........and I know that the 24 dishcloths did... I took the last one off the needles on my trip last week....... I reduced my stash but not by as much as I had hoped.......and I have lots of scrap blocks that haven't yet made it into quilt form....... but there's always next year!!!

Whatever the Reason for your Season..... be safe and be happy