Sunday, May 22, 2011

ok.... so I wasn't here but I have been busy!

Well it seems the month of May is flying right on by. The race is next week already!! I've been busy and a bit selfish the past two weeks...... I've been working on my fat quarter cabinet... trying to get them organized and sorted ... I won't say how many of the little buggers I have... but I could easily do 25 Turning Twenty Quilts with some to spare! So now the goal is to use these up.... I always figured that if I used them... I wouldn't have them and suppose i needed them?? Well I think I'm over that... sitting in the dark cabinet aging isn't doing them any good...they need to be in the bright lite... wrapped around a small child ( or a large one) or carried as a bag.... so for the rest of the year there will be a fat quarter frenzy in my sewing pit! lol
I've also been on the hunt for my little flying geese rulers....... these baby's are small and I just can't seem to find them.... probably buried under a fat quarter somewhere! lol

I got myself a Nook....... oh goodness! i forgot how much i enjoy reading! and playing angry birds........but mostly reading........... I finished the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and I"m halfway thru Water for elephants. The Henrietta Lacks book is the Common Reading book for the incoming freshman this fall... I always read it and display the book... it's an icebreaker for the new kids...most of whom are scared to death of being there! There are so many free books on line.... I downloaded the periodic table of elements... just because I could! lol but I was working a crossword puzzel and I actually needed to use it!

I also got a hair cut......... realllllly cut..... reallllly short...and I got that new gel polish stuff on my nails.... supposed to last two weeks and be chip resistant and all that.... ummmmmmmmm I don't think so!! I've got a couple of chips and we are only at day 10! lol

I made myself a new tote bag...... it's really nice.... lots of pockets... the front button pocket is actually a clutch bag that gets sewn to the front of the bag....

I finished up all of my bitty blocks for June... 12 civil war blocks and 12 wonky star blocks....and I have the July blocks planned.I did the May mugs mats for my sister and niece and got them mailed out and I have the June mats done and the july ones planned!

I finally got pics taken of 3 other mug mats that I did also......... I think the tutorial is from Quiltdad........ gotta check on that.......

I can also tell you now about the new Lazy Girl Stuff that's coming out soon. These are 6 quilts made using the LG Lazy Angle ruler.... there are three large ones and three smaller ones. I got to test the pattern for the smaller ones and they are great! It takes a charm pack and a yard of fabric to make a crib size quilt. I'll be posting the pics of the Lollipop Twist here today. It's the perfect size to be a table mat or a picnic mat also! Very simple and quick and Lazy to make. The ruler has been around for a long time......but it's now part of the Creative Grids line of rulers... I love rulers and I love creative grids! If you don't have the ruler...that's ok too... there are two templates in the patterns for making the blocks. You can read all about the new quilt line at

I also got the garden started.... 4 different kinds of tomatoes.... 3 colors of sweet peppers... zuchinni, squash, cucumbers, celery and catnip in the back garden and a dozen assorted herbs in the front garden. Still room for a few other things.... I may work on that this week....... I'd like to plant some brussel sprouts and cauliflower.... just to see.......

So I think that about sums up the last two weeks......... some pics to follow and the rest are on the flickr site.

Have a wonderful week!!!