Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holy Crap.... it's January!!!

Well time just flies by when you are having fun... doesn't it!! One minute it's November and all of a sudden the new year is here and already 3 days old!!

No resolutions this year except the one I always make.... and thats that I resolve not to make any resolutions!

Last year my goals were to learn to knit a pair of socks and learn to paper piece. I can paper piece with the best of 'em!!!! I got 7/8th of one sock done........ that's definitely gonna need some practice...and I will again attempt to make a pair of wearable socks this year!

Most of my traveling is done now for awhile so I'll have time to concentrate on my sewing and crafting. I already have my list started for gifties this year and some pieces cut for a few projects that I plan to do this month.

I've opened the 25Weeks group to new members for a bit. I have a cut off number and when I reach that number I'll close the membership again til June. If you are interested in joining you'll find us at We do have a few rules that need to be followed but for the most part we have a lot of fun getting ready for a stress free Christmas season. 25Weeks is geared toward those who sew but any craft will work into the plan.

This morning I went to Joann's sale.... wowza!!! I came out with a lot of goodies for very little money..... I got one bolt of muslin and no other fabrics..... I have plenty of fabric to use up this year!! I picked up some christmas garland, fimo clay, bells, pompoms, peg dolls, wooden balls, button tags... all on major sale! I got myself a new quilt book with some outstanding blocks in it and a couple of magazines...... I'm good for the rest of the month now! ( or till they have another 75% off sale)

The Christmas Countdown Clock will remain again this year......... only 355 days left! Wow! seems like only yesterday...............

I guess that's it for this first installment......... see you soon