Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy HollyDaze

I've not had much time to blog these past few weeks.....finishing up the last of Christmas... Thanksgiving vacation... etc.........

I have 26 scrapdiddly blocks completed now and a partial list of what I'd like to accomplish in 2010.

I doubt I'll get much posted between now and New Years but I'll try... I want to get my 2010 goals posted so I can be accountable..... that definitely helps me stay focused.

I wish all of you a Happy and Joyous Season.... whatever you celebrate.........and a safe and prosperous New Year......


Saturday, November 14, 2009

November Stuff

I skipped last week...... hadn't planned on it but I did........ I've not worked on Scrap Diddly now for a few weeks.... I do have some squares that need to be put together for centers but that's about it right now... but I've been BUSY!

I finished both of my scrap quilts...they are quilted and bound!! I also finished up THREE UFO's! My pinwheel veggie table topper.... my turning twenty quilt and my snowman table runner....... wow! They are all quilted and bound! Some were quilt in the ditch but the beach house and the turning twenty were both freemotion.... I even did some stars and my name on the turning twenty!

This coming week will be getting things ready for thanksgiving vacation so I doubt much else will be done... I'm leaving a week from tuesday....... I have odds and ends to finish up....and things to pack.... and hair to be cut....etc etc etc......

I hope to do some scrap centers in between all that... but we'll see

I don't have a deadline set for this scrap quilt...and I plan to make 2010 the year of the scrap! I want to use up scraps and finish up ufo's.... I have a few laying around here yet lol....... I'll post some pictures of the finish's here.....

have a great week


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sock Sack Addiction

I didn't get any scrap diddly parts done this week but I was able to get some other stuff done.... some humbug bags, roly nesters... my backpack FINALLY... pictures of this and more are over on the flickr site.

Now there's the sock sacks... the pattern was a free on this summer by Terry Atkinson of Atkinson Quilt Designs... she made it for her knitting friends to hold their sock yarn and needles... it has a cute zipper pocket on the front... well let me tell you... these babies are extremely addicting. I made a couple from my scrap bag this summer.... and then a few more and then a few more and now I've resized it so there's a set of four!!! If you make this... be aware..... there should definitley be a surgeon generals warning on them! I'll put a picture of the 4 sizes here and you can see them all over on the flickr site.......

It's been a weird week weatherwise in Indiana... temps up in the 70's... asian ladybugs everywhere covering everything... rain and now cold.... darn I just love it here.... if you don't like the weather just wait a bit... it'll change... lol

I've vaccummed the ladybugs off the door and windows several times this weekend... I no sooner get it done and the little darlings are back!! Just one or two days of really cold weather should shut them down... but just one or two days... then I want the sunshine and warm back!!!

My christmas presents are almost totally done.... I have 2 things to make before thanks giving and then 2 more that I don't need til xmas eve and that's it!!! Well... almost it... I have to make the cats new toys and a new nip pad......

ok... here's the sock sacks pic....

have a great week


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh Wow!!!! Spooky Give Away!!

Ok everyone....and I mean EVERYONE!!!! head over to and check out the fantastic giveaway! Plus...... for each of you that go visit.... I get an extra entry............ and I'd reallllllllly like to win!

Even if you dont' quilt..... at least go look! This is a really fun site!!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ufo's Scrap Bag and Sick

I was down with some sort of cold/sinus crap for over a week.... one of the reasons why there was no post last week.....

This week I've been working on completing some projects.... a purse and back pack. The purse is done.. but the back pack is really going slow... for an easy pattern it sure is taking me a long time!

I haven't added any scrap diddly blocks or centers these past two weeks....... need to get a handle on that also......

I have one of my scrap quilts backed and batted and is now ready for quilting.... I also have 3 more ufo's that need to be done soon.... I've now commited to finishing these so I need to hop to it!!! The beachhouse scrap quilt also needs to be done. I'm hoping to get all of these quilted and ready to be bound by the middle of november.... I'd like them to be totally finished by then... but I'll settle for up to the binding stage......

I'm adding a few links I'd like you to visit. The fiberobsessive site is my friend Viki's first blog.... and she's doing great.... she doens't do computers well but she's finally getting the hang of it and her blog is coming along nicely. and are the other two. Please stop by and check'em out!

And if you happen to do farmville.... I could use another neighbor or two! lol

Have a warm week!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's cold!!!!!

It's been cold and rainy most of this week..... could be why my sinus' are acting up and why I feel like I'm getting a cold (sigh) .... I'm due for a flu shot next week so I reallllly don't want to be sick!

I made up 12 scrap diddly block centers this week. I just did centers cuz I've found that if I try to do the whole block... I want to color coordinate them and they they aren't random scrappy...... so I'm trying it this way... we'll see.

I also made my first doll this week. She's not from scraps but she's really cute! I'm not a face drawer by any means but I think her new mommy will like her anyway!

Pictures below...... have a great week!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall is just around the corner

The nites are very cool....the days are warm and breezy and the leaves are falling.... sure signs that fall will be here soon with Winter to follow (sigh)

I've started my Fall Scrap Bag project. It's a block called Scrap diddly. It goes together pretty quickly and I did up 7 blocks this week. I don't know how many I need cuz I haven't decided on a size for this one.... so I'll just make blocks.......

I haven't quilted the summer ones yet.... I'm hoping to get to those within the next week or so... have to finish removing the paper from the beach house quilt first... then I'll get them both ready to go at the same time.

Pictures of the new block are below.......

Have a great week


Sunday, September 20, 2009


The final piece of the summer scrap bag project is finished. I finished up the Crazy Bird Wall Hanging this week and it's now with the other waiting to be quilted and bound. I'm hoping to have them done by the end of October.

I still have an enormous amount of scraps......... the three quilts only used up about 1/2 of one of the bags ..... so as I sit here, watching the leaves falling from the trees outside my window...I've decided to keep up this project as the Winter Scrap Bag Project.

My hope is to go thru the bags and separate the large pieces from the smaller ones.... and separate them by color also.... but then I think.... that's really time I could be using to make blocks.... so I doubt it will happen unless I do it as I go along........

I'm looking for one or two more scrap block patterns to use for the next two quilts... they will be the throw size, that I like to make. I really enjoy snuggling up in the chair or on the sofa with a quilt.

I'm posting the picture of the crazy bird below. It turned into a wall hanging because there was no more of the dark background in the scrap bag........ I used up every sliver that I had in there of browns and blacks........... I think it will look just fine!

Have a great week!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two down one to go

I finished up TWO of my scrap quilt projects this week!!. I put the wonky star together yesterday and the beach house quilt today.... they look great! I hope to get them quilted and bound by the end of October...that's my goal anyway.

Still have one more scrap quilt to go.... that's the Crazy Bird.... I need to get working on my blocks for that one.... it's also paper pieced. I need to take a count of my bird and grass blocks and see where I am............

I've used just over 1/2 of one of my scrap bags.... I'll be going thru it and pulling scraps the for bird quilt and then whatever remains will go into bag two. That bag will start another round of scrap quilts... just don't know what kind yet........

Below are this weeks pictures!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long Weekend

It was a long weekend ......... Labor day........but I didn't get a lot accomplished. Hubby and I went here and there and everywhere this weekend.

I did manage to add 9 more stars to the box for the Wonky Star Quilt...and I finished up a Halloween Label from leftover bits of halloween fabric. It'll be a sample for a class in October.

I hope to get a few more birds and grass done as well as a few more stars so I can concentrate on putting all of the quilts together...... I'd rather do them all at once than one at a time.....

I'm also working on a wedding ring table runner for a sample for class...this is made from scraps from some 30's reproduction fabrics that were left over from some blocks I did a year or so ago........ seems everywhere I look I find more scraps! lol

Below are the pictures of this weeks stars and quilt label

Have a great week


Sunday, August 30, 2009

August is gone!

Wow! The summer sure did fly by quickly! The kids are back at school and it's been rather cold here in the evenings...... I sure hope that doesn't mean winter will come early!!!

I didn't get a lot done this week on the scrap project.... I did 4 star blocks for the star quilt...... decided to do a few more birds and a few less grass blocks for the crazy bird quilt.......and decided that the beach house quilt is gonna look weird with assorted skys here and there... but I'm makin' it anyway! lol

I did two paper pieced quilt labels from scraps left over from a table topper and a wallhanging I made this week..... they can be seen on my flickr site and the labels are posted below. I'll be teaching a paper piecing class in october on these lables... so for now they are samples....and after the class they will be added to the table topper and wallhanging which should be quilted and bound by then.....

Hubby and I were gone all day saturday again.... up to chicago to the Field Museum so I didn't get anything done yesterday....... next weekend... weather permitting we'll be gone to Indianapolis to the zoo....... so I'll need to get busy during the week to get more things accomplished...

Oh.... and if you look at the calendar you'll see that Christmas is quickly approaching.... will you be ready??


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Parts is Parts

Had a bout with some stomach flu this week so I really didn't get as much accomplished as I would have liked.......but I did do more **parts** for the scrap quilts.

I did the last bird ( I think) and the last 3 egg blocks for the crazy bird quilt... now I need to concentrate on grass blocks... I think I need to lay it out to see exactly what I need to do yet... I might do more birds and less grass depending how it looks...... I also have a frog that will go in there somewhere... just because.......

I added 10 more wonky stars to the star quilt......... I'm at almost 1/2 way on those blocks... I'll cut more squares this week... I have two more pieces of lights that I can use for the corner blocks and there's another piece or two of whites that I can use for the star blocks and there is an abundance of stuff to use for the star points and centers......

Pictures posted below..... have a great week and hopefully next week will be more productive........


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wotta Week!!

Last Sunday my computer crashed....... apparently just because it felt like it...... I spent several days getting it up and running and getting the bare bones programs on it... It was quite frustrating....and I've decided that I'm only going to put on what I actually use! Fortunatley I had just done a back up on July 15th so there was very little lost and I've been able to redownload most of that..... I lost a lot of emails and that upsets me... but it is what it is!

On to fun stuff... this week I did a bunch of scrappy projects. In fact, everything I did this week came from the scrap bag! I finished the surf blocks for the Beach Cottage Quilt so all of those blocks are done now... just a matter of putting it together. I realize now that I probably should have put the rows together as I went along.... there is sky strips between the house and cabanas but I used up all the sky the strips between the houses will be a different color blue sky.... no worries... it's a scrappy quilt...and it's for it'll be fine!

I did a few more grass blocks for the Crazy bird quilt... I need one more bird block, 3 more egg blocks and 14 more grass blocks....... hmmmmmmm that's a lot of grass! I might have to recount on that........

I also started a wonky star quilt..... I'll need 36 wonky stars for a lap size quilt... I have 4 completed... I really enjoy these and they'll make a nice lap quilt... once again... for ME!!!

I'm finally starting to see a dent in the scrap bag! I also made 5 lazy girl pouches and 5 mini electronics cases from the scrap bag! Both of these projects use small pieces and the way they are made allows for using different fabrics inside and out.... Pictures of all are below

Hopefully this week will be better ... have a great week


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Finally it's hot!

Yesterday and today are the first days in the 90's that we've had since May!! It's been a amazingly cool summer.... nites in the 50's even! Along with the heat comes the humidity too! This weekend is the first that I've had to turn on the air conditioning....... mainly to get the humidity out..... but my sewing room is nice and's in the basement... and there's a big fan......and it's wonderful!

This week I finished up the last two beach houses for the beach cottage scrap quilt. I made the 3 sun blocks also...... this week I'll work on the water and waves... I need 7 of them......then I can start cutting the rest of the pieces and getting my rows in order. I plan to do some embroidery on some of the houses... maybe put a name on the bank....and the Chocklit shop.... a flower or two here and there.... just some ideas floating around at the moment......

I also made my first scrappy wonky stars! I'm in a stash busting swap and this months swapee wanted wonky stars........ so off I went to to check them out.... I made two in a matter of minutes.......and then I took the fabric she sent... and began making stars... she sent 4 5"charms so I cut them into 4 pieces and used them for the centers of the stars... I'll be sending her 16 6 1/2" stars for her swap quilt! All but the centers on these came from the scrap bag! I think I'm beginning to see a small dent in the bag finally!! This scrap bag reminds me of a box of chinese food... I keep taking stuff out.. but it just nevers seems to be getting less! lol

Below are this weeks pictures........havea great week!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

July is gone!!!

Can you believe it?? July is gone! I'm not sure where it went either. This summer has been very cool.... very few days in the 90's. School starts here in about 2 weeks and in 3 weeks the kids will be back at the college......before you know it.... it'll be christmas and we'll be complaining about the cold...... or lack thereof if the winter is like summer has been.....

I added 2 more beach houses to the beach house scrap quilt... just 2 more houses to go.... then the next row is the sun and sky....... and then the water and waves...... I'm excited!! I'm hoping to complete the other two houses this week and maybe start the sun row. I need to work more on the crazy bird quilt.... maybe next week :-)

I completed a few xmas projects this week..... two knitting needle cases.... a set of bunny bowling....and a scrappy 4 patch. It's an adaptation of Eleanor Burns Rudolphs 4 patch. I didn't use as many different fabrics as she did in the original but it looks really nice. It's now on the ready for quilting/binding pile. That stuff gets worked on later in fall....... all the quilting is done at one time and then all the binding will be done at one time....... easier for me to do it that way.

I'm attaching the pictures of the beach houses and the ornaments..... I'm planing on several more ornaments from the scrap bag...and I picked up a pattern today for a scrappy patchwork backpack.... might have to do one of those for me!!

Have a great week!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A wonderfully scrappy week

The hubster was gone all week. Now that should mean that I got lots and lots of stuff done...uh huh........well I had errands to run and things to do and places to go I got some stuff done... but not as much as I would have hoped......

On the scrap front I did two more palm tree blocks... I think that's all of those that I need....... I did 4 more beach houses.... a bank, a sewing shop, a candy shop and a balloon store...... I have quite an eclectic scrap bag! I also did 3 Snap Happy Bags......

I also used mostly scraps for the Bad Sue Mini for my swap....... all but the back and borders were from the scrap bag....

I have a new perspective on these scraps.........I'm simply amazed at what I can do with these small pieces of fabric....... I'm pretty sure that once I'm done with the crazy bird quilt and the beach quilt that I'll have enough in the bag for at least two more tops...... Ive been putting the tiny scraps that are left over into bags.... now I"m not one of those people who does the crumb when I get thru this bag of scraps... I'll donate the bags of itty bitty scraps to someone who does do them.......

I'll have pictures of this weeks other projects up on flickr in a litte bit..... I did 2 mug aprons from full fat quarters this'll find the Bad Sue mini over there as well

Have a wonderful week