Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's been a busy week!

Actually it's been a busy two weeks...... last week I made some napkins and coasters for a birthday gift... one set with ducks and one with fishies... its a long story... don't ask.... I also did block 29 of the Wisconsin BOW and cut out several table toppers. I got one of the table toppers made up... just needs to be quilted. It's from the Happy Camper line and will go with my napkins placemats and pot mats that I'm already using........ it's basic bricks and it's made from just one charm pack. I'm planning on making the little ones tic tac toe boards for christmas... they'll be soft and quilty and I'm going to make yoyo's for the x's and o's......... soon as I find my yoyo makers...... I have fabric ready and I'll use this as a fill in project while riding with hubby or when I need something to do that I don't want to have to think about....... I also ran across a pattern for some yoyo pot mats so I might make some for that also... those have a circle of batting in them so I'll have to see if the yoyo maker will work with those or if I need to do them the old fashioned way lol

I made a set of 6 placemats with reversible napkins and coasters this week for a small dinner party hubby and I went to this past saturday. I finally finished up all of the binding friday nite.... I even worked on them during lunch at work! This weekend I managed to make a coastal door banner for my niece who lives on the bay in north carolina and is just returning from Bahrain. She'll be getting married the end of august..... the banner is for her open house/shower thingy that my sister ( her mom ) is having for her in about 2 weeks. The quilting needs done but that'll be this weeks project!

I also completed the august 30's BOM...and the weekly Wisconsin barn block 30. I also joined in an extra 3.5" mini swap for august... it was a pretty easy swap for those of us who had the regular swap completed and mailed out. There were 12 of us. The theme was traditional blocks as opposed to novelty type blocks and the colors were primary red, yellow and blue. I cut my blocks yesterday and sewed them today. Friday will be mail day this week as I have a few other things to get ready to mail.

I completed most of my landscape mini swap this weekend also... just have to stitch the binding and that will hopefully get done tonite while I watch food network challenge.... I just love that show!

I'm runnng behind on my knitting again......... still have to finish the scarf and the two dish cloths I have started...... also have to work on my socks! It's been really hot so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! lol

I'll post the Barn Blocks 29 and 30 below and the rest are on the flickr site.

I have one more BOM for August to do... that's the Golden Thimble Barn Block... haven't downloaded that one yet... I'll check in a bit to see if it's been posted.

The sentimental journey BOM is done as far as I'm concerned... I have 6 blocks... and last time I check the july block hadn't even been posted yet... I plan to make 4 of the blocks into a table mat.... and the other 2 into placemats. I've already started making napkins and coasters from the remaining fabric.

Guess that's it for now........ off to flickr to post some pics

Catch you all soon