Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's the Weekend!!

It's Saturday! Another first... I'm blogging on! 2008 is becoming the year of firsts! As promised earlier... I've posted some pictures on the photo site ( )

You will notice there is an abundance of Wonder Wallets. Well... they aren't really Wallets anymore...they have become WonderKits!! Sewing Kits, Office Kits, Coffee Kits... you get the idea.

It's part of the February Goals for the 25 Weeks of Christmas Group. One of their goals this month is to learn to think outside the box... and their project is to make theme based wonder wallets based on people they want to gift for. A wondercuppa...either coffee or tea added to a coffee mug and coaster or napkin makes a great personalized gift for the coffee or tea drinker. A wonderkit filled with personal items like shoe shine cloth, extra hankie, extra tie tack, lint pickerupper, is great for the guy on the go! Fits into his toiletries bag, or jack pocket or briefcase. Have a look at the photos and think about someone on your gift list who would appreciate a Wonder Kit.

If you are playing along... February goals for the 25Weekers are as follows:

Start Gathering... get some zip lock bags and index cards... gather all of the supplies you need to make your gifts and put each on in a bag... if it's complete, put READY on your index card and put it in the bag... if you need some supplies, put them on the index card and put it in the bag, but put that bag at a different place... we'll do something additional later on.

If you haven't done so... get your christmas card list ready. Find some christmas cards and put them in a zip lock bag... this time of year is a good time to buy cards on cheap specials.

Also... as you are gifting... think about the person you want to gift... really think about them... likes, dislikes, hobbies, things they do, or don't do... etc... it'll make it easier to have the perfect gift for them

And lastly... think outside the box.... See above... when is a wonder wallet no longer just a wallet? When it becomes a WonderKit! Tailor it to a specific person on your list... or just make'em up. As you are gathering for your gifts... look for those novelty fabrics you bought and didn't know what to use them for... now is the time!!!

Have a wonderful week!! Happy WonderKiting!!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Middle of the Week!

It's wednesday.... I never post on Wednesdays....well, almost never. But I needed to put an update in here before the weekend.

This weekend I hope to post pictures of a few things that I've done for Christmas 2008... yep...that's right... 2008.... no sense waiting til the last minute! lol

I've even started a Yahoo group called the 25 weeks of Christmas. The official kickoff is July 5th... but from now til then...we'll be getting ready by doing small projects... a couple of goals, and kicking around ideas for gifts.

I'll try to keep you updated here as to what we are doing.

This month the goals were simple.... Get a Box.... any kind of box... this is for holding the gifts as they are finished. Make a list......use a spreadsheet, notebook, whatever you have but list every gift you know you need for the coming year... List the name of the giftee....what the gift is and when you need it.... birthdays...anniversaries...weddings... graduations etc...... now there will be last minute stuff that pops'll be ready!!! The final goal is to make at least 6 Tissue Packet Covers... the kind you stick in your pocket or purse or backpack..... we found several types on the net and we discovered that all tissue packets are NOT created equal! Some are thicker than others and some are a wee bit longer or wider and some open from the ends instead of in the middle (sigh) but it keeps our creative processes flowing! lol

February goals will be given to the group this weekend.......and I'll also post them here... just in case you want to blog along with us on this adventure. Our yahoo group is limited in membership...we just wanted to be large enough to get a good variety of ideas...but small enough that we can enjoy each others company.... so far, we've accomplished that goal!

I'll also be posting pictures this weekend of some wallhangings I've done ..... one is called Sunnyside Farm and it is just toooooo cute!! Hubby wanted it for the empty space above the stairs that go down to the family rooms........the other is a log cabin star that I'll be teaching a class on in February. I also have a January Block of the Month to finish before the weekend for a class I'm to teach next Monday... the original teacher has to be I got the stuff yesterday....and I'll be ready! lol

I have some wonder wallets and coaster sets done and I'll post those pics also.........

So... until the weekend

Happy Sewing