Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January is almost gone!!

Can you believe it? The first month of the New Year is almost history! Have you been busy?
I have!! I have some pictures to post later this evening. I have a few Lazy Girl Runaround bags made, I have my barn walling almost completed... I have some buttons to sew on it yet and then it's ready for hanging... I have pictures of the January Quilters Dozen Block of the Month and February is almost ready for picture taking! Several more sets of coasters have been added to the gift box also! I also have a picture of the shirt we did in embroidery club. It's cute!!!

For those of you following along with the 25 weeks program..... are your January goals finished?? Are you ready to start your February goals? Before the warm weather gets here, you want to have as much done and in the box as you can....cuz I'm sure you'll want to be outside enjoying the warm and the sun....I'm soooooooooooooo looking forward to that! It was -22 wind chill here this morning... all of my car doors were frozen shut and I broke my ice scraper trying to get my back window cleared off... spring is just around the corner, right??

Super Bowl is this coming Sunday....and they made it very easy this year! Both teams use Red/white/blue for their team colors!! I think the main difference is one uses navy blue and one uses royal blue........and they are both East Coast teams!! I hope to get some coasters done for the party....or at least a football banner to hang........we'll see!

Also on my list to get done by the 14th is an heirloom pillow case... this will be a project for next months embroidery club.....

Oh... have you seen the clover smocking stuff?? I fell in love with the yoyo makers....and now they make smocking kinda easy too...... you can see a project done with them at and there's a link to a clover video there too!

Ok...that's it for now.... have a great rest of the week and I'll let you know when the pictures get posted