Sunday, January 23, 2011

A good week

I didn't think I got much accomplished this week....... but after writing it all down and taking some pics... I think I did pretty good!

This weeks projects include 4 more scrap blocks...block 3 and 4 of the Civil War BOW... sewed up the 3 travel cases that were cut last week.... finished the 5 remaining blocks for the 3x6 swap... started the scarf for the Colts 2012 Superbowl Project... doing a basket weave in alternating color blocks.... got about 10" done... only 90 more to go! lol I finished the last barn block from The Golden Thimble Barn Art BOM from 2010.... put all 9 blocks together and it's now on the pile to find borders and backing so it can be finished up......... I have a few more pieces cut for scrap blocks and sewed up 3 Jumbo Sock Sacks. There are 3 of us at work making scarves for the superbowl 2012 project and we needed something larger to put our yarn and scarfs in....... I'm sure I'm forgetting something but all in all it was a good week!!

Pictures of everything are up on flickr and I'll post a few pics here.... this coming week I plan to finish up the february bitty blocks for the february swap and make a few more scrap blocks... I also hope to get another 20" or so done on the scarf and do up the wonder wallets that I have cut out. We'll see how it goes....

Have a wonderful week!