Sunday, March 16, 2008

March is acting much like a Lion

March came in like a lamb and it's acting very much like a lion! Snow..rain..winds and crap.... but the birds are singing a cheerful song and the chipmunks have left their burrows and are running helter skelter looking for food.......

I've been working on a few things so far this month.... I finished up my block lottery flower blocks...they are posted on the Flickr site... also there's a paper pieced turtle tool mat, some Lazy Girl Sew and Go kits, a couple of Ipod cases. I finished up my Giant Postage STamp blocks and everything is in the mail!!

I went to the Indiana State Museum to see the Threads that Bind exhibit... it's an Amish Quilt exhibit and really very nice. They also have a block from the Aids Quilt, Home of the Brave quilt and Quilt of Valor. They also have a free block kit that you can make for the Quilt of Valor and mail back. It's a very easy block... mine is done and on it's way to be part of a Quilt for an Injured Soldier.

The rest of this month will be spent working on Orphan Blocks, and Gift Box Stuff. One of the Ipod cases is for me and one is for the gift box. One is for a birthday in April. The same goes for the 3 Sew and Go kits... the batik is a birthday gift, the rainbow one is for me, the other goes in the box, although I do have a receipient that may get it before xmas.

Hopefully those of you who are playing along are working on your goals. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact me.

Somewhere I have 2 paper pieced coffee cups... I want to make them into coasters.. but they seem to have run off at the moment... I'm sure they'll surface again soon...and when they do... I'll take pictures!!

Have a great week