Tuesday, July 26, 2011

End of July?

Time sure is flying by quickly! I can't believe we are at the end of another month! I'm hoping it will also end the horrendous heat waves we've been having here........ nasty stuff! We got rain on Sunday....... all I could think of was scenes from the old westerns where the rain finally fell on the parched earth and the people just stood in it laughing and crying..... I wanted to go stand in it! lol

The frogs are happy again.... they've been singing in my yard since the rain and there was one little peeper on my car monday morning... guess he wanted to hit the road with me... he didn't!

A couple more pics have been posted on flickr...and that will be the end of july projects....... leaving tomorrow for a mini vacay to see my family and hubbys family reunion........ we'll be back sunday nite.....

The second pair of socks is coming along really well....... the first sock is complete thru the gusset decreases and ready to start the foot... the second sock has the heel flap done and the gusset is up next...... this gusset looks much much better than my first one... lol.....pics will come soon.........I want to get some of the foot on them so they actually resemble socks...... lol

I'll be working on dishcloths on the drive also....... I've completed June.... and one July cloth and the second one is halfway complete...that one should get finished on the way out east and then another one started on the way back..... I have several of the large balls of cotton dishcloth yarn.... geeeze they make a lot of cloths! I finished up my 4th pink and grey cloth and still have enough left on the ball to make a small cloth or a couple of coasters........ I think it's gonna take longer than I anticipated to use up all this cotton yarn! hmmmmmm I wonder if I can make socks out of it?

I have a couple things I'm taking with me on the trip to hopefully work on as I find time.... I need 21 big yoyo's for a small wall hanging.....and a couple of large EPP hexies for some needle books.... with any luck I can get the hand work done in the hotel in the evenings..... I tried doing them once while driving and that didn't work too well... lol I'll keep the dishcloth knitting for the moving vehicle parts of the trip lol

I have a new great nephew too! Brayden David.... I've seen pics and he's a real cutie pie.... his quilt is done and will be going back east with me along with some burpers and some goodies for his brother..........hopefully I'll get to see him this trip... if not... i'll see him in December.....

I've been working on bitty blocks and bitty log cabins also this month.... can't post pics of the bitties yet... they are for august but I'll post them when I get back.......

I've got 98% of my golden eggs on angry birds and all of my bananas, melons, and papayas on angry birds rio....... I'm sure I'll get a lot more accomplished now that I'm done with that and waiting for the next installment of angry birds rio to land on my nook! lol

ok... guess for now that's it....... i'll try to update from the road...but internet connections are sometimes iffy too....otherwise I'll see you all when I get back!!

be safe
stay cool and productive