Monday, January 17, 2011

Half Way Thru January

Time sure flies by sometimes, doesn't it?? We're thru the second week of January already but I'm making progress on my lists and goals.

I have 5 1/2 dishcloths knitted already this year........... most of them are the simple grandmothers favorite... dont' have to think about that one and they make up really fact... the one on the needles has a nice pattern to it and it should be finished up tonite.......... I'll take a pic of the stack at the end of the month before I put them in the gift box.

I've been doing the Civil War Block of the week at this is week 3 and it's appliqued stars.... have I ever mentioned how much I dislike applique? I'll get it done by the end of the week... I just need to get psyched up a bit over it.......

I've been alternating between working on my february swap blocks ( january is done and mailed!) and cleaning up and organizing my sewing pit........ I see a bit of progress...there is a spot open now on the floor! lol It's going to be a long process but I'm determined to get rid of the stuff that I don't use and know that I won't use........keeping it just because is no longer and acceptable excuse! Good will is gonna love me!

I have a huge amount of scraps again.........I'll be making scrap cases (from p3designs)wonder wallets and adorables ( by LazyGirlDesigns) and other small projects... like tissue packet and tissue box covers. So far this year I've not had to dip into the stash for anything.... I've been able to use up scraps for my blocks ( paper pieced mostly). Last year it took me almost the entire year to use up my huge ziplock XXX size bag of scraps... this years pile is a bit bigger but I plan to use it up first instead of waiting til the end....... I also have a large bag of scrap pieces of batting and insulbright that will become potholders and placemats...... seee... I have a plan... I just need to work it now!

I added a cute little flickr app to the bottom of the blog... if you hover over it it should start to move and show the most recent pics that have been posted. It's cute! it tells you where to get if you are interested and I think it works on any RSS feed........

Ok... I'm heading back to the sewing pit... I'm off today and there's blocks to be sewn and cloths to be knitted and trash to be well... trashed!

Have an awesome day