Thursday, August 21, 2008

End of August Already??

Can you believe it??? Only 125 days left til Christmas! Wow!

The summer is almost over... the kids are back ( or going back) to school.

Soon the leaves will turn colors and fall from the trees and winter will roll in . Time flies!!

I've been busy with has been very busy.... 5500 freshmen came back this past weekend and the remaining 35000 ( give or take) will be back this weekend... next week will be a busy busy stressful week........ but then it will settle and things will go back to sort of normal again.

I've been working on things here and there but haven't been able to focus much on anyone thing. I got some new paperpiecing books and therein lies the problem.... I wanna do new stuff and not the stuff on my list..... lol

I have one larger project to finish and then I can get back to my regular christmas sewing.

One thing I want to mention...
September is National Sewing Month. The Lazy Girl Blog and the 25 Weeks of Christmas groups are extending a challenge to all who sew.

You can share your love of sewing by going to and downloading Joan's free With Love tote pattern. This is a quick, easy and fun self lined tote bag that makes up in less than an hour and takes one yard of fabric.

Make two copies of Joan's pattern and two tote bags. Now.... fold each tote with a copy of the pattern inside and tie with a pretty ribbon.

The Weekers are doing this and then giving one of the tote/pattern combos to a non sewing friend with the promise that if they are interested in learning...they will teach them to make this bag. The other bag goes to a sewing friend who will do the same... Make 2 Give 2.

It's a great way to spread the joy of sewing and giving and use up some of our stash in the process.

You can find more info on Joans Lazy Blog. The link is off to the left.

Have a great rest of August and Celebrate National Sewing Month.