Friday, June 28, 2013

And another one bites the dust!!!

Another month has just flown on by!!!  Half of 2013 is gone........but I have completed 16 UFO's so far!!  So that's a good thing.

the ufo pile is dwindling...and the wob pile is growing........although some of the UFO's have their bindings done also.....

The Glitter Card Trick table topper is done............the turning twenty and GPS are backed and batted and on the to be quilted stack......... a couple more skinny mini runners have been quilted and bound but that darn white scarf just doesn't seem to want to be finished!  lol   I'll be heading out next week on a mini vacay and it's going with me.... it's the only thing going with me so I will have to work on it and I WILL FINISH IT!!!!  I want it done! 

Not much else has been going on........... there are a few new projects out on Flickr... practice bags for a triple zip swap and a few other pretties to look at..........

another week and the 25Weeks til Christmas project starts........ that will be fun for sure and I have my list all made up and I know how much I have to do each week to get it all done before Thanksgiving... which will be here before I know it!!

I've started doing Hexies again.... as an I'm Bored.... project and I've gathered some embroidery floss and patterns together and hope to do some hand embroidery work also........ its been while since I've done more than just a bit... so I got a book to remind me of how to do some of the more complex stitches too.......  so we'll see how that goes!!!    I think the main thing is I need to stay away from the Candy Crush game and work on this stuff while I watch tv instead of playing that infernal game!   I swear its more addicting than crack!   lol

I've also decided that next year will be the year of the scrap.  Those things breed!!! and I have enough scraps to probably do 6 king size quilts with no problem!   I plan on doing Bonnie Hunters Geese on a String... and probably a scrappy Trips quilt.  What ever I do next year will be scrap before cutting anything whole!'s gotta be a scrappy year!   The year of the UFO is working well and i'm sure I will have at least another 12 more completed before the end of the I have great hopes for the Year of the Scrap too!

ok.. till next time