Sunday, July 12, 2009

This weeks scrappy projects

I had time this week to work on several scrappy projects. Even with all these new projects, that bag just doesn't seem to want to go down...... I think it's gonna be a long summer with lots and lots of scrap projects and quilts...

I added two more crazy bird blocks to that quilt box.... I made two travel cases from scraps and had to piece two of the pockets to make it work...I made two placemats from the feng shui practice blocks that we made from scraps last weekend.... I made a wallet ( another one in my never ending quest for the perfect wallet)...even the vinyl was a scrap....I had a baggie of 3" scrap blocks that was gifted to me in a 4 patch swap some time ago. I made a doll quilt for my great niece for christmas... the front and the back are made from the scraps... it's together and quilted and just needs binding and i"m sure I'll find some in the scrap bag.......I pulled some of the larger scraps to a pile as I was hunting bird scraps and I can probably make a few wonder wallets from them...with a little creative piecing.... I'm getting good a piecing and hiding the seam on the inside of the pocket....... a few of the pieces are destined to become small humbug bags and I found a cute scrappy journal cover that might work also... it will definitely be scrappy!

Pictures posted below and also on my flickr photo. Other non scrap projects made this past week are out there also.

Have a wonderfully scrappy week!