Monday, July 18, 2011

Moving Right along

This was another good sewing weekend!! Lots of pics posted on flickr and somethings done that can't be posted yet........ I made some toolcaddies that fit over a 5 x 7 acryic dollar store frame... they're nice but if the stuff is too heavy they fall over backwards... they'd be great for pens/ pencils/ notepads, etc .... like a little desk top stationary store... the pockets would even hold stamps.... I made some pillowcases for my son.... one for sweetdreams and one for spicy dreams lol.....I got all my commissioned embroidery work done and delivered......and now have the cuff and 3/4 of a leg done on my sock!! When I finish the leg part, I'll make the second sock up to the same point so I can do the heels at the same time and start the foot part........ that way they'll both get finished at the same time.... this is pair number 2! I tried making a footie sock out of some really thin sock yarn and size 1 needles but that didn't work too well lol.... so i'm back to size 3 needles with the sock yarn... it's self striping stuff and it's really looking pretty cool!

The weather has been warmish....and is now heading to HOT!! Yesterday was very humid and even the cat who loves her deck didn't want to go out... she sniffed the air... looked at me like it was my fault and went back to her nap pad to sleep.

I picked a zuchinni and 2 more cukes from the garden too!!

I was asked to do an Angel sewing machine cover for the Sewn Spaces Swap. Apparently someone flaked on their obligation... grrrrrrrr...... but the cover is done and it has a little matching pincushion. It'll go out in the mail this week. Also going out in the mail are the August potholders for my sister and nieces potholder of the month.... they are actually early!! I'm going back east next week for a short vacay.... but decided I'd mail them anyway.

I'm posting a pick of my one shape Rainbow swap mini.... I just love this!!! It's on it's way to my partner and I hope she likes it too!

I also completed the Color My Name challenge.... we picked paint chips to match our initials... then matched fabrics to those paint chips and made a project. I did a needlebook/ hexie/yoyo case. It will hold my stuff for hexies and yoyo's when I travel...

It's amazing how much I can get done when I stay away from Angry Birds! lol

A few pics below and more on flickr....

Have a great week