Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another month shot to heck!!!

October is basically over! One more day left and then on to November.... 2011 is flying by rather quickly. The only good thing.... next weekend at this time I will have my hour back!! It's been missing since March and I'll be soooooooo glad when it returns.

I've been very busy working on my 25 Weeks of Christmas units.... I made 4 placemat and napkin sets.....( just need to stitch the bindings down) several mini quilt panels... a whole bunch more of the ever addictive microwave bowl potholders.... bitty blocks for november and the bitty calendar block swap.... a fabric scrabble board and carry bags for the letters and the game itself.... this was made from a fabric panel... it's a full size board. i found the letters and the letter holders on ebay for 5 bucks...And A spikey soft ball made from 60 3" triangles of fabric scraps.

photos of everything are on flickr.........

I pulled some fabrics for another placemat set and 2 pillowcases.......... those should get done this week.....i also have fabric pulled for sock sack sets.... I'll need 4 sets... in a knitting related theme.... maybe be done with those next week too! I need to make some drawstring bags to hold the goodies for the little ones yet also. I think I need 5 of those...........

I've used up quite a bit of stash and a lot of scraps.... still a long way to go though.... I won't meet my yarn stash goal but I have used up quite a bit.... I only managed to complete 13 ufo's this year. I don't know if I'll get time to complete any more before the end of the year... but maybe.... I have some placemats and small table mats that might be completed.......... the main thing is I've not added a ton of stuff to the UFO box!!!

Anyone watch that new show Once Upon A Time?? I kinda like it!!

Ok... I guess that's it til next time!

October is gone and December will be here before you know it!! 56 days til the jolly man comes!!


heres a few pics to hold you til you get over to flickr