Sunday, July 20, 2008

Third Week of July

Can you believe it? July is almost gone!! Christmas will be here before we know it! Just check the countdown counter if you don't believe me.

Those doing the 25 Weeks of Christmas should be doing a gift a week.

I posted a few pictures on Flickr...... a paper pieced Christmas Tree from the Book Hard Times Splendid Quilts.. these are blocks from the 30's that were published complete in the Kansas City Star... The book Quilts for Rosie are blocks from the 40's from the same newspaper. I decided to sash the block and it will become a small wallhanging for the holidays.

I also posted the August Quilters Dozen Block and a few of the blocks I'm doing for a TAble runner for moi!!

There are also some tissue boxes... the crab will go with the potholders for a birthday gift later this month.

One of the trees that came down is now totally done... it's chopped and split and stacked... the branches and small chips have been cleaned up and burned... thats one tree down and two to go!

It was pretty hot here today... very humid too... standing by a roaring fire was not exactly a pleasant thing either lol

Yesterday I got a new phone.....a BlackJack II It does email and internet and music and has my contact list and does power point and excel sheets and word docs and I can even talk on it! lol I'm still learning it.......and longing for the simpler days when all you did was pick it up and say hello! lol

Ok...thats it for this weeks installment........ I have plans this week to finish up the table runner... paper piece another block from one of the books and put two play mats together....... we'll see how that works out........ I also started knitting a baby sweater.... it's slow going for sure... I've never done this type of knitting before so we'll see how it turns out... I'll keep you posted on that too!

Til next week