Thursday, July 9, 2009

July Away at I'm Just a Guy who Quilts

Ryan is the second Guy quilter that I know. QuiltDad is the other.... They do wonderful work and I enjoy both of their blogs.

Ryan ( I'm Just A Guy who quilts) is having a birthday this month.... and he's also having a birthday giveaway!!

Hop on over to and wish him a happy birthday and get in on his giveaway.... you have until July 17th.

I'm hoping to win the charm pack or the 30's prints.... but I'll happily take any of the wonderful gifties!!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

A New Look

Happy Scrappy Summer

It's July.......... midway thru summer and I'm finally getting around to posting and updating........ where does the time go??

I'm starting ( actually I started in June) a summer scrap project. I have two immense bags of scraps....... big scraps, medium scraps and itty bitty scraps.... My goal is to empty at least one of these bags of scraps by the end of summer and both bags by the end of November.

I currently have two projects in process. Both are paper pieced... One is the Crazy Bird and the other is a beach house quilt. Three blocks have been completed on the Bird quilt and 2 rows on the beach house quilt. This project is worked on inbetween other projects for birthdays, holidays and Christmas.

I have several ideas for scrap quilts and when these two are done... I'll start two of the others. I like working on two ( and sometimes 3) things at a time... keeps me from being bored and at the end I have several projects finished up instead of just one!!
Below are pictures of what I've done so far on the first two quilts. There will be more pictures and updates on my scrappy summer projects.