Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's May

How can it be May already?? What happened to March and April? Time certainly does fly, doesn't it!!

I've been busy, so I guess that why I haven't noticed the months just whizzing by but I certainly need to start paying closer attention... there's only 234 more days til Christmas ya know!

I spend last week and this week on baby quilts... I have 4 done now... 1 boy oriented, 2 girl oriented and 1 either way.... that is if I actually decided to give this one up.... I have them posted on the photo site... it's called flying frogs... it's bright bright ( did I mention bright?) flying geeze and appliqued smiling frog faces. I have a box of baby quilts....all sorts of cute things in it... and this is one of them..... the boy quilt is an adaptation of one of the quilts in the Little Box of Baby Quilts also. The girls quilts were made at the same time.... one positive block, one negative block made by sewing one block and then cutting it and resewing... really fast and quite easy. I cut and sewed the blocks for both quilts on saturday and put them together today. They are from the Eleanor Burns book "still stripping after 25 years" I was on yesterday morning and this was one of her videos... I watched her make it...and then it was off to the sewing room. I started on the blocks around noon and finished the last one around 5.

The only other project for this week were the coasters we did in embroidery club... they are in the hoop coasters from moosebstitchin and they were fun! little prairie points on the coaster which is a really good size... about 5" across almost......

I started another boy quilt, a Train, and need to work on that next. I have the engine, caboose and cars fused to some cloud background, now to do the applique on that...then add some borders. That will be this weeks well as working on circles for a cute smiley face quilt. I want to have an assortment of baby quilt tops when the little ones get here, I can grab one and quilt and bind it and be all ready!

I won the block lottery this month on my quilting group. I'll be receiving blocks called Indiana Puzzle done in kona snow and either 30's repro or pastels. I've received 4 so far and will post a picture as I get more..... this will be a lap throw for ME!!

I've been working on the 25 weeks of Christmas Book......and will be posting the May goals for those of you playing along at the end of this weeks blog.

Guess that's it for now
Happy Quilting


May goals for the 25 Weeks of Christmas

May goals

1. Your christmas list needs to be filled out and complete
2. Your project bags need to be complete and ready sew
3. Your birthday and non holiday projects need to be completed thru September

Mothers day is May 11th

Your project goals for this month will be

Reversible Napkins
We did coasters earlier.....and glass mugs was on the list of staples for your box....
a mug, a coaster and a napkin along with some hot chocolate, tea or coffee make a great gift........

A set of 4 or 6, reversible napkins, monogrammed and tied with a pretty ribbon is also a quick and easy gift.

Chocolate Spoons make a great gift for any coffee lover!
Add a few spoons to your mug and napkin and it's a gift to die for!
These are very inexpensive to make also.

It's an easy month goal wise.... get the lists ready... get the box ready....get your sewing room
organized and ready!!