Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Been a Busy Few Weeks

Over the last 6 or 7 weeks I've completed 5 ufo's... made 25 little goodie bags for the ladies in my Bitty Swap at guild...went to Quilt Camp for the first time...completed a small Fancy Forest Quilt, 2 small Atkinson table toppers and a group project Trash Bag for the car!   I also did two mini mania challenges and started a third as well as worked on a Tryptich for a mini swap...........   whew!!

Here are a few of the pics............

The top photo is the Elizabeth Hartman Fancy Forest Small Quilt... It was so much fun to do!   The middle photo is the car trash bag and the bottom photo is the Atkinson Small Happy Holidays's table mats

There are photos on Flicker of the January and February mini mania challenges and hopefully by next week i'll have photos of the Tryptich.

January UFO's were a 30's Row by Row Quilt from about 4 years ago and a pair of placemats called Carved in Stone made with Stonehenge fabrics....
February UFO's are a very old and very ugly hunters star large mat... a bath mat and another set of placemats ( still have 2 more sets of placemats to finish)
over christmas I finished up the bindings on 41 assorted projects ranging from small challenges to a large 30's quilt....
I'm hoping to keep up the UFO work and finally get them ALL done!!  
I also completed two projects for our April Guild meeting featuring SnugglesQuilts.  I did her small applique sheep and a scrappy table runner.  We hope to have many of her projects made by our members to hang around to surprise  her when she comes........  those pics are also out on flickr.


will take you to a treasure trove of fun pics!!

Guess that's it for this episode of  Time to Get Back on Track!!!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Archeological Dig

One of the things I did over winter break was go on a "dig" through the sewing pit.... oh goodness.... so many wondrous things were found.... and quite a few not so wondrous things...........   I have some things separated to give away and some to go to GoodWill and some that I just haven't a clue yet what to do with!   It was fun though.... a trip down memory lane   lol

My binding bucket is empty!!  totally and completely empty!  I finished up all the bindings by new years eve... a total of 41 ( yes!  fourty one) projects are now bound and complete.... they ranged from a couple of mug mats to lots of place mats, table mats and table runners... some wall hangings and a quilt!

During the dig I found 3 of 4 25" blocks...........plus the charm pack to make the fourth... of course finding the pattern involved an even deeper dig... but I found it and did the fouth block and joined them together....   so I now have a 50 x 50 square to go on the ufo pile....  good thing there are a couple of UFO challenges going on..........  the block was made using up one entire charm pack.... truly... all that's left are a few slivers from trimming..  it's called Big Star Little Star and as soon as I take some pics I'll get it posted.....  it was a fun block to make............

I have several UFO's now that need quilting and binding...........  I have two lists... one for the on line challenge and one for our guild challenge........   with any luck I'll have all of them complete by the end of the year....  this group has a couple of mat size quilts, couple of throw quilts... one full quilt and two turning 12 quilts...   it's actually supposed to be turning 20... but I make them with just 12 fats instead of twenty for a throw size quilt.........  hmmmmm  guess I need to lay in a supply of quilt batting!!  lol     I think i'll put the quilts on one list and the smaller stuff on the other list so I'm not trying to do two full quilts in the same month.........   that might work!!!

Nuff for now.........  i'll get more pics posted on flickr.com for those who like to see the pics of what's been accomplished