Sunday, January 6, 2008

1st Sunday in January

Another year has come and gone. It's time to sweep out the old and clutter up with the new! At least thats what usually happens in my sewing room!

Have you made resolutions? Have you broken your resolutions? I don't make resolutions...I find I break them very quickly...I set goals instead, some private and personal and some put out there for the world to see and hold me accountable for!

This year there are 2 goals. Number 1 is to learn to paper piece and make a Mariners Compass wall hanging. I love these things...but I have to learn to paper piece if I'm gonna make one...I put those together into one goal cuz the only reason I'll learn to paper piece is to make the Mariners Compass! Who knows, maybe I'll even enjoy it! Number 2 is to knit a pair of socks. Two complete socks..that fit..that I can actually wear..... good thing I have 12 months!

Didja notice that there's only 353 days left til christmas 2008?? Have you started your christmas gift list? Believe it or not I have !! I do this little thing I call the 25 weeks of Christmas. The first 25 weeks of the year I make lists and gather supplies and make small things and put them in a box... then the second 25 weeks...beginning July 5th this year..I go into full present each week... sometimes more...sometimes less... but by thanksgiving I'm under control...and by December 10th I'm done... bagged..and tagged!! That gives me two weeks to enjoy the season... bake cookies..relax....have fun! There'll be more about this little program that I's my own invention even.....and of course there will be lots and lots of photos of my projects

I'm also continuing the ** what can I make from one fat quarter** project that started late last far we have 10 chicken pincushions and 10 fortune cookies.....we'll see what 2008 adds to the project.

I guess that's it for today..... more next week.......and more photos too!!

Til then