Thursday, February 9, 2012

Moving Right Along

NOw that my infection is gone and my bout of flu is done I've got my energy back and I'm feeling great! I didn't realize how bad I felt until I got better! lol I started another quilt throw this past weekend... it's the Feed Sack Quilt from the Scrapbasket Surprises book. I used up scraps of my 30's fabric. I didn't have to cut into even one fat quarter... I had plenty of leftover pieces to make the 20 blocks required for the top. The center squares are an off white with a small small small print... 4 in pale yellow and 16 in pale green...yellow will be the corners at this time all 20 blocks have been made and are awaiting layout. Each block has twelve fabrics plus the center and non of the blocks have duplicate fabrics in the same block! wooo hoooo! Had to do some shuffeling down towards the end but it all worked out!

The skinny table runner and the yellow table mat are now complete and off the binding pile... still on the WOB pile are two placemats... one wallhanging...the tiny twister mat.. the Island Chain Quilt... a wallet... and the Trip Around the World Quilt....

The fingerless mitts are coming along.... both hands are done and all that's left are the thumbs........ i'm hoping to complete them this weekend.

The weather has been varying greatly.... 60 one day.... 22 the next... rain.. snow... major fog... you name it we've had it within the last week... geeeze I love Indiana! lol

The table runners are up next to be quilted... have to find some bindings for them... after the Feed Sack Quilt is done I plan to finish up two UFO quilts... one will be the Purdue throw from 2011 and the other the 30's BOM ...from 2010

The next knitting UFO will be the white lacy scarf from 2010... it's about 1/2 way done ... I'll work on that after the mitts are complete.........

So that's about it for now....... next update I hope will bring more completions and maybe even an empty WOB pile ( but I doubt that) lol

Til then
Stitch Happy!