Sunday, August 19, 2007

The 3 Hour Lazy WorkOut

What a great way to spend an afternoon! I took 3 fat quarters... they were coordinates of a sea side line. One was a blue that could be sky or was a lake with a lite house and boats and beach houses and the last was a boardwalk stripe.

From these three fats I made 3 LazyGirl projects.... A runaround bag... a wallet and a checkbook cover. I even had some scraps left.

Check the photosite for pictures of these three projects.

I also got a few hats done this week for my student worker.... I live in a black and gold world in Indiana.... northwest of the Crimson and Cream world. My student worker requested a hat.... it's on the photosite too.... for those of you in northern'll understand... for those of you in southern Indiana.... well... you'll undertand too! lol

He is also getting a Google King hat.... this boy is quite inquisitive...and when he doesn't understand something or know something... it's off to google he goes.... we're rewarding him with a hat... he really likes hats lol

It was quite a busy week at school.... the freshman came in last week and the rest of the little darlings came this week... monday is the first day of class... the next two weeks will be non stop and I doubt I'll get a whole lot done when I get home at nite....but we'll see.

The finger booboo is still a bit sore....but it's getting better ( still can't believe I did that_

Oh... I almost forgot..... I made up a wonderwide!!! I widened the wonder wallet.... just too see how it would work out.... I split the front pocket by attaching it to the middle pocket before I put them together.....It's now 7" wide.... holds a couple of cards.... paper money and the middle pocket can be used for change, coupons or receipts.... it's on the photosite also.

Guess that's it for this week