Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Week has whizzed on by!

Well actually... two weeks have flown by....... not quite sure where the time goes these days. Last weekend I was in Columbus at the zoo... wow! what a fun place.... I'm working on the bazillion pictures that I took and hope to get them posted soon.... I finshed a dishcloth and started another.......I have all my april swap blocks done and mailed out and even have one of my May blocks ready to go tomorrow. Our 3rd RR is about to start and that block is also done and ready to mail in the morning.... hubby has a new doorag...... it's planting season and he forgets to wear his hat sometimes so maybe this will keep his head from burning......

This weekend I taught a class on the Wedding Ring block and tested a pattern for a new purse for a fantastic designer.... that new pattern should be out in May and I'll tell you about it and show you mine when I've been given permission to do so

The female Pileated Woodpecker has been spending a lot of time on the feeder... I'm taking that as a really good sign that she'll be staying here for the season instead of migrating on...... I'd love to have baby woodies in my trees! She still won't sit still for me to take a picture and she just seems to know when I have the camera in my pocket.... she flys off just as the camera clicks..... oh well... maybe one day

We're back to more seasonal temps here also.... high 30's over nite and 60's during the day.....lots of blue sky and bright sunshine!!

I'll post the last two barn blocks here and some of the other goodies are over on the flickr site....... the red/white block isn't quite right so it'll be redone... I forgot the borders! sheeesh!

Oh.... one of the super giant zip locks full of scraps is finally empty!!!!!! Ahead of schedule too! I had planned on having that one done by June.......and the second one done by this is a really GOOD thing!! I've been looking for more patterns that I can use up scraps with....and I actually thought I saw a little dent in the fat quarter cabinet!!! wow!! I think this week I'll work on some table runners.... sister pat has requested a few in various seasons and holidays..... now to find some fun patterns!

Guess that's it till next week......