Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is in the air!!

It's almost spring in Indiana... of course that's subject to change every 20 minutes or so here but for now it's bright and sunny and temps close to 60! That's incredible! Hubster and I went to the zoo over the weekend and it was a gorgeous day!!! A sweatshirt was plenty to keep the chill away. The animals looked happy lying in the bright sun too!

This week was a productive week, but not a finish week. A lot of things were done... strips sewn together... baby quilt top cut and sewn....some kits made for future sewing days... patterns and fabric gathered for assorted projects.... but nothing completed except for the GoldenThimble Barn Block and the Barn Quilts of Wisconsin BOW.... that little thing gave me fits this month! I reversed the colors on the center pinwheel and that threw my colors off all over the it's done and it's nice but it's nothing like it should be!... it's staying the way it is! lol Yet to go is the block central sentimental journey March block..then the blocks for this month will be done....... I have several block swaps that are finished for March also......and just one of those left to do.......

I have a long list made up of things that need to be complete by the end of March... with any luck they will be.

On the UFO front... the baby boy quilt binding has been started.... a few more rows were added to the christmas scarf and I found where I put the sack with the dishcloth in it...... now maybe it will get some knit time of it's own. I found a cute pattern for a knit mini wash mitt that is just begging me to be done..... perhaps one more started project won't matter....provided it's finished by the end of March! lol

I'll post the barn blocks at the bottom as usual...and you can visit the photo site to see the swap blocks. Hopefully this week will be even more productive

Have a wonderful springy day