Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Count Down is ON!!!!

There are 3 weekends left before Christmas.... those of you who started in July with me on the 25 weeks of Christmas should be done and ready to relax and enjoy the Holiday.

I have to finish a pair of lounge pants... they need elastic and hems.... make the cats toys.....and make one tote bag and I'm alllllllllllllllll done!!!

With any luck, I'll meet my goal to be finished by this weekend.... Then I'll clean up the sewing pit... bake some cookies and get the house ready for Holiday entertaining....including the Motor City Bowl party... with any luck (actually with a lot of luck) Purdue will win and end the season on a high note!

Last post I mentioned a Fat Quarter Challenge... what can you make from just one fat quarter of fabric?? I've posted two pics in the photo section... the link is on the left.... you can make 10, yes! 10 chicken pincushions!!! ....and you can make 10 fabric fortune cookies from one fat quarter... you can also make 2 wonderwallets from one fat quarter too!! I'm going to continue on with this challenge...and will post pictures as I make stuff from just one Fat Quarter... should you care to play... send me a picture of what you made from just one fat quarter and I'll post it in my Challenge Folder. The rules are simple....... use just one fat quarter of fabric.... if you need to embellish..or need that tiny bit more ... you can use up to one 4" x 18" piece of extra fabric but that's all! The challenge will go on for think of creative and send me pictures!! You can send them to

The new pictures include the fortune cookies and well as 3 aprons....4 ties......5 trees....2 thimbleberry pot mats, 2 thimbleberry candlemats, 2 purple ohio star pot mats to match one of the aprons, a chinese takeoutbox with cookies.....

The thimbleberry mats started off as a table runner... 4 Ohio Stars...which were supposed to then be sashed and put together for a table runner.... I put the sashing on the first block and it looked so pretty sitting there on the table....I decided to keep it that way.... so I used up the sashing to make 2 large candlemats and the remaining 2 blocks will be pot mats . They need to have the binding stitched down... that'll be done tonite

My binding stack was down to nothing.... for about 20 minutes... I quilted two more mitten wall hangings and added the binding....and then added the candlemats and pot mats....... seems like the binding stack is always there!!

Now remember!! Only 3 more weekends til Christmas!! So get busy!

Til Next time