Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yup...I's been two weeks again since I posted...... I have an excuse!! I've been busy!!

I've been finishing up stuff to take back to PA over thanksgiving.... plus I we had small mini sale at work so I made trees.....20 of'em!! They are great little things and they go really fast!

I also finished a set of pillow wraps, 12 chicken placemats, quilted the mitten hanging and finished that up.... finished up an assortment of odds and ends that needed binding and little details added here and there........ made drawstring bags for the kids stuff........and cut some aprons and potholders which I'll sew when I get back.....

There's pictures on the flickr site.

Tomorrow I'll pack clothes and an assortment of knitting, and handsewing to take along so I have something to do on the's about 12 way........ I'll take the laptop too so I can keep up on things and read all my yahoo digests lol.

Oh....and my Wonder Cuppa was featured on the Checker distributors web site!!! You can see the wonderful article written by Jenny Stratton here

I just love making these and have a few others in mind.....once I find the perfect fabric!!!

Be sure to check the photos.....and don't forget to check the Santa Countdown so you know when the Jolly guy will be here............

Take care everyone and I'll blog again when I get back