Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You Make My Day Award

Rhonda over at Patches and Pieces gave me a very special present today. I was given the You Make My Day Award!! I'm so excited!!!
Now it does come with a rule that I have to follow.... I must Re-present this award to my 10 favorite blogs... the places I go that make me happy! I must let them know thru an email or blog post on their blog that they have a special award too!
So here are my favorite places to play. Please drop by and they just might become your favorite places too!
http://www.lazygirldesigns.com/blog This is Joans Lazy Place
http://laurie127s.blogspot.com/ This is Lauries Place
http://okiedokieduckie.blogspot.com/ This place belongs to my favorite duckie
http://wingedhorsedesigns.blogspot.com/ This is Darlene and her Mules!
http://sharonb.wordpress.com/ I love the name of this place.... In A minute ago!
http://knittingheavenonearth.blogspot.com/ I can never get enuf dishcloths!
http://www.queenbeecrafts.com/blog one of my fav's for sure
yes... I know that's 11! I couldn't choose just ten...I would have had to leave someone out!
Rhonda...thanks so much for my award!! Ladies.... you are the best!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Middle of February

How is everyone this fine springlike day? Well... it's like spring here in Indiana at the moment. It's 50 degrees at 10:30 in the morning.... of course since this is Indiana...that will likely change by the time I finish this weeks blog! lol

This past week has been an extremely productive week! I finished up the quilting on the February Quilters Dozen Block...it's all bound and ready for class tomorrow nite. I finally learned to paper piece!! The March Quilters Dozen block has paper pieced kites...and I was determined I was going to learn to do this! (Plus one of my new years goals is to do a Mariners Compass wall hanging for which I would need to know how to paper piece!) I gathered up the paper piecing papers and some scraps and headed off to my quilt shop......Cheryl was more than happy to show me how this works and I came home and not only did the kites... I completed the March block too! All that needs is to have it's binding stitched down.

I also made an Orange Dotted Adoorable, did two pillowcases for the embroidery club project for this month, completed 4 blocks for the block lottery that I"m in... did 4 giant postage stamp blocks for the round robin that I'm in......cut out a new Purse and Miranda bag and printed some patterns for hats from the Wild Things Program. I'm hoping next week will be just as productive!!

For those of you playing the 25 Weeks.....how are your goals coming along?? You should have all of January finished...and February started......March will be a relatively easy month, but we'll start to kick it up a notch in April...so it'll be good for you to have all your goals completed by then. You should also have all your birthday gifts for february, march and april completed and in the box ready for gifting.

The new pictures are posted on the Flickr site.......

Have a great week!