Sunday, June 12, 2011


A completed goal!!! I have successfully knit my first pair of wearable socks!!! woooohooooo ( toss the confetti and set off the sparklers) I'm so excited! I even did them on double pointed needles!! wow! I have another sock cast on the needles now... it's a tennis type sock and it's a thinner we'll see how that goes!

I don't have a lot of completions this past two weeks.... been weeding the garden... the morning I planted some carrots beets and radishes...........been knitting on my sock and reading........... I did make a couple more sock sacks... 4 jumbo ones... I made a lanyard for myself from 8 paper pieced tiny blocks to hold my row counter, scissors and mini crochet hook while I knit.... and a couple of blocks for a quilt that's being donated to a wonderful lady.......

I hope now I can get back on track!!! Below is a series of pics of my socks... the feet are not mine........ my toes aren't that nice! lol