Thursday, November 13, 2008

November??? What the heck?

OK... so I have no clue what happened to October....must have something to do with the time change issue.... maybe they take a month instead of just an hour?? I have no clue.

But it's november now and I have my missing hour (month) back and its time to be getting ready for my annual trek to Pennsylvania over Thanksgiving. It's about a 12 -13 hour drive if the weather is good.... two years ago the weather was NOT good and it turned into a 19 hour drive....

I visit with my family and get to see all the new great nephews and this year I have a new great niece! It's been a long time since I've sewn anything in pink! My youngest niece is 25.... so that's how long! She's in Bahrain this year and it will be her first christmas away from home....

I've been busy sewing and knitting and I have updated the flickr site with some pictures. I have a few more to load before I'll be caught up for this year.

There are a few gifties to make when I get back from my trip.... some lounge pants, ties and cat toys but everything else is all done! I plan to bake some cookies and make some candy topped pretzel sticks this year. Yummmmmmmmmmm

I also got some books called Mug'ems... apparently you make individual packets of stuff... put it in the mug for gifting and the recipient just adds water or an ingredient or two to the cup and has a treat.... I haven't checked them out yet .... I'll do that tonite ..... It sounds like a great gift to me!!

I don't have much to add right now.... I'll do better about keeping up on posting.....and will post again after thanksgiving.

There's a map now that's supposed to update itself to show who's been visiting... we'll see how that goes. If you are reading this and don't see a map...then you'll know it sucked and I got rid of it!

Have a great Turkey Day......


Saturday, September 6, 2008


Yep... it's September! Labor day picinics are over, kids are in school and it's time to get busy with Christmas goodies!

I've updated the photosite with new photos of things I've finished over the last 2 or 3 weeks. I've been down with the summer crud for a week so I've not been as productive as I would have liked to have been.

Just 109 days left!! Christmas will be here before you know it! Will you be ready??

September is National Sewing Month. Celebrate by sewing something for yourself or a loved one. Donate a finished project to a good cause or teach someone to sew.

Have a great week!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

End of August Already??

Can you believe it??? Only 125 days left til Christmas! Wow!

The summer is almost over... the kids are back ( or going back) to school.

Soon the leaves will turn colors and fall from the trees and winter will roll in . Time flies!!

I've been busy with has been very busy.... 5500 freshmen came back this past weekend and the remaining 35000 ( give or take) will be back this weekend... next week will be a busy busy stressful week........ but then it will settle and things will go back to sort of normal again.

I've been working on things here and there but haven't been able to focus much on anyone thing. I got some new paperpiecing books and therein lies the problem.... I wanna do new stuff and not the stuff on my list..... lol

I have one larger project to finish and then I can get back to my regular christmas sewing.

One thing I want to mention...
September is National Sewing Month. The Lazy Girl Blog and the 25 Weeks of Christmas groups are extending a challenge to all who sew.

You can share your love of sewing by going to and downloading Joan's free With Love tote pattern. This is a quick, easy and fun self lined tote bag that makes up in less than an hour and takes one yard of fabric.

Make two copies of Joan's pattern and two tote bags. Now.... fold each tote with a copy of the pattern inside and tie with a pretty ribbon.

The Weekers are doing this and then giving one of the tote/pattern combos to a non sewing friend with the promise that if they are interested in learning...they will teach them to make this bag. The other bag goes to a sewing friend who will do the same... Make 2 Give 2.

It's a great way to spread the joy of sewing and giving and use up some of our stash in the process.

You can find more info on Joans Lazy Blog. The link is off to the left.

Have a great rest of August and Celebrate National Sewing Month.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

August already??

It's! Time flies when you're having fun lol.... Soon fall will be upon us.....the leaves will fall from the trees....flocks of geese will fill the skies with their V formations.....the sounds of combines will fill the air........but for now... it's still heat indexes of 110 and humidity and mosquitos lol.

This week blogspot shut down my blog for 2 days.... seems their automatic spam find thought my dancing santa might be spam......but it's back now. I had visions of everything be gone and having to start from scratch but it came back just fine.

This weekends project is a last minute birthday quilt....due monday... I'm making a simple flannel fringe quilt.... dark blue stripes on one side and light blue stripes on the other.... I cut over a hundred squares of each stripe and the same amount of batting on friday evening..... I got them all sandwiched yesterday and have the X quilting done on 3 rows of blocks......I think I'll sew those three rows together when I get back to the machine.

Have company coming today for a small get together so when I get off here... I'll be cooking and vacumming and get ready to party a bit..... then tomorrow I hope to finish up the quilt. I have a present for this person already......but I thought a nice lap throw would be nice too.... he's very difficult to do things for!

This week I did a Frog Pillow. I used the frog from the baby quilt I did came out quite cute!! I have a journal cover request also that I need to do soon... it's for a lady at work who's daughters family is getting an exchange student. We decided on a journal for her to chronicle her visit in the US. I also got several things prepared for sewing so this week will hopefully be a good sewing week. I'll only have one or two pictures for flickr this week... but I promise to make up for it in the next couple weeks........

Have a great week!!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

4th Week of Christmas

It's the 4th Week of Christmas! That means 16 weeks til Thanksgiving and 21 weeks til Christmas!

I got a playmat done for one of the greatnephews this week...... it has a city on one side and an airport on the other. I'll get a few fisherprice or playskool people, cars and planes for it. I have one more of these to make... but I think it will be a city/traindepot rather than an airport........we'll see.

I finished up the 40's table runner but have a dilemma... I'm not sure I like the fabric that's in the center... it's 40ish...but rather busy I think.... I have a second choice but still deciding which one I will finally use.

I also tried a new pattern. It's by Lazy Girl...but it's an apron pattern. Wow!! It has a piano key border, a fun pocket and a quilt block bib. It can be made with or without the border and with or without the bib.. it's very customizable and I'm going to use the left overs to make a couple potholders to add to it for xmas. What a fun project this was!!

It's been a busy week at work! Our new student system is in place and there are lots of questions from students and parents.... only a few more weeks and they'll all be back in person rather than on the phone.

I'll be starting on the next Giant Postage Stamp swap this week. That will give me 4 more blocks so I'll have a total of 8. I think I need like 24 to make a lap quilt from the blocks. I also one the Quilters Block Lottery this I'll have a bunch more of those blocks to put together for another lap quilt.....

Theres not much to report this week.... so I'll stop babbling now and pick up again next time. The flickr site has been updated with a few of the newest pictures.....

Have a great week


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Third Week of July

Can you believe it? July is almost gone!! Christmas will be here before we know it! Just check the countdown counter if you don't believe me.

Those doing the 25 Weeks of Christmas should be doing a gift a week.

I posted a few pictures on Flickr...... a paper pieced Christmas Tree from the Book Hard Times Splendid Quilts.. these are blocks from the 30's that were published complete in the Kansas City Star... The book Quilts for Rosie are blocks from the 40's from the same newspaper. I decided to sash the block and it will become a small wallhanging for the holidays.

I also posted the August Quilters Dozen Block and a few of the blocks I'm doing for a TAble runner for moi!!

There are also some tissue boxes... the crab will go with the potholders for a birthday gift later this month.

One of the trees that came down is now totally done... it's chopped and split and stacked... the branches and small chips have been cleaned up and burned... thats one tree down and two to go!

It was pretty hot here today... very humid too... standing by a roaring fire was not exactly a pleasant thing either lol

Yesterday I got a new phone.....a BlackJack II It does email and internet and music and has my contact list and does power point and excel sheets and word docs and I can even talk on it! lol I'm still learning it.......and longing for the simpler days when all you did was pick it up and say hello! lol

Ok...thats it for this weeks installment........ I have plans this week to finish up the table runner... paper piece another block from one of the books and put two play mats together....... we'll see how that works out........ I also started knitting a baby sweater.... it's slow going for sure... I've never done this type of knitting before so we'll see how it turns out... I'll keep you posted on that too!

Til next week


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Flickr Site's Been Updated

As promised I updated the flickr site with the most recent pics. There are several paper pieced mini wallhangings... a paper pieced crab which is one of a set of two that will become potholders for a friend who is totally hooked on Discovery's Deadliest Catch... there are pictures of the Weekend Quilt... A fold up reusable grocery bag, Indiana's Tallest Waterfall...complete with water....and a few other things.....

Today I spent most of the day helping the Hubster get ready for his meeting next week... this involved stuffing papers into page protectors and putting books together... 9 soybean... 5 corn.... just over 600 page protectors worth.....

I got one of the crabs for the potholder quilted and I got a tissue box cover cut out......that was about the extent of todays stuff......

See ya next week!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I've been bad!

Yes, I admit it... I've been bad. I haven't posted in several weeks now...and haven't updated my photo site either. I've been reallly busy! Honest!!

I had company from out of town for a week..... during that time we visited a quilt show in Illinois... did some shopping and made a Queen Size log cabin quilt in the barn raising style. It's hand tied and it's totally completed......I'll post pictures on the website later on.

I've been cutting some things and sewing some things.......I have all the samples done for my summer classes......I have some christmas lottery blocks cut out and ready to sew, I have a journal cover and a couple of crab potholders in various stages of completion......I need to go on a UFO fest and get these things completed... photographed and in the box! There's only 166 days left til christmas ya know!!

I won the block lottery this month again so I'll be getting more blocks! I plan to put them with the Indiana Puzzel blocks and make a large throw for when I lounge in my TV chair... this months block is called Next Door Neighbor 2 and I'm using the same color scheme, 30's prints or pastels and Kona Snow..... I can't wait to put these all together.

It's time to start thinking about Christmas.....getting those gifts finished...wrappings ready for mailing.... etc. I plan to be finished by Thanksgiving with most of mine as that's when I go visit family back east.

I have some fun things planned for the Great Nephews and this year I'll have a new Great Niece! It's been a long time since had a little girl to sew for. My youngest niece is 20 something or other. My new little one is due in August!! I have her quilt almost ready for her!

I think for now that's all there is to report........ tomorrow I need to weed the garden and we have some logs to split. We had one tree come down during a storm a few weeks ago and another one taken down before it came there's lots and lots of wood that needs to be split and stacked.

I'll get the flickr site updated this weekend (promise) and let you know what that happens. Maybe I can get some productivity going and have lots of new things to report...

Til later


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dancing Santa

Good Morning!
I've added a dancing santa to the page... isn't he just the cutest lil thing?? lol You can hop on over to Care2 ( and get one for your place too!

Santa you say??? It's only June! Well yes... but there are only 185 days left til christmas and in just 1 1/2 short weeks it will be time to kick the Christmas gifting into gear!!!

Those of you following along with the 25 weeks need to have your box and your list ready. It's time to get busy!

I haven't added any pictures to the flickr site this week yet.... I have a few things in various stages of completion and when they are all finished...they'll go up on the site... it was one of those weeks!! I have 2 table toppers and 2 table runners to quilt........I have 2 paper pieced hangings to quilt.... I have 4 more mini hangings to make... I'm teaching classes at the shop this summer so I need some saturday class was moved to Wednesday so I'll be teaching wednesday nite. I have to stitch the binding on the train quilt......finish the knitted dishcloth I up the baby booties.... and finsh the July Quilters Dozen block... I have 5 paper pieced stars to do and then put it together....... I need to get all this stuff done before the weekend.... cuz that's when I gotta get this place whipped into shape! Hubbys' sister is coming out over the July 4th holiday. We're going to Rockhome Gardens to the quilt various quilt shops and we hope to get a bunch of sewing done too!! So next week there will be pictures!

Today is chop up the tree day. The storms that went thru this past week took down a Walnut tree... gotta chop it up into pieces so it dries by winter.... it'll provide some firewood so that's a good thing... it didn't fall on anything when it came down so that's a good thing too!!... I love chain saws too....and that's a very good thing! lol

Well... the coffee's done.....and it's time to sew.

See ya all in a week!
Merry almost Christmas!!!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

June is here!

June is here and so is the stupid Indiana weather. It's been raining and storming for weeks now and the southern part of our state has had severe damage and flooding. One county has been proclaimed a disaster area due to the flooding and tornado damage. We've had rain but not the tornadoes here in the central part of the state.

I've updated the photosite with some new projects. I use the Lazy Girl Pursnickities pattern to make Grab and Go's as I call them. They make great diaper bags for quick trips and are great for shaving kits, travel bags etc.
I used insulbright in my latest one...between two pieces of fun fabric with ants on it...quilted it and then added a piece of clear heavy gauge vinyl before putting in the zipper... I now have an really fun lunch bag!! There will be more of these made before xmas.

I also did two more of the mini paperpiecing quilt hangings. One is done in 30's repro fabrics and the other in civil war repro fabrics... these are just so much fun to do!

I have a few other projects started and in various stages of completion.... I hope to get them all finished up and posted this week. Then it's time to clean up the sewing room, find all my tools, patterns, chalk markers etc and get ready to start Christmas goodies!

While digging for the insulbrite, I found a bag of homespuns I forgot I had. I was using them to make chenille scarves but I think I'll cut some of it to make kitchen towels...maybe add a bit of embroidery to it...... There is also a mini paper piecing pattern in the book I'm using that uses some homespuns ....... hmmmmmmmmmm that might be next on the list.

If you are playing the 25 weeks of christmas... this months goals are simple....
Get your box! Do your List! Clean up your sewing space...find your tools....clean your machine and then relax for the rest of the month. We'll be starting July 1st!!

Well the sun is shining today so I think I'll wander outside and see if it's nice enuf out there to move the sewing machine out to the deck and sew.

Til next time

Keep on sewing


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The End of May

Well another month has flown's almost June!! I'm not sure where the spring went, but it will soon be summer here in Indiana.....

I've uploaded new pictures to the flickr site. I've finished the top of baby quilt #5... the applique train... it's a small quilt... more of a draggy quilt for the little one. I have some really large, primary colored buttons that i'll attach as wheels once I have the quilting done. The train will also get a matching pillow case. I have the June quilters dozen block almost finished... I need to do the applique, then I can quilt it and post the pictures of May and and June.. May isn't quilted yet either... I made a small wall hanging... it's about 8 1/2 x 11 and it's a paper pieced farm scene.... this was really fun and sates my appetite for miniatures and paper piecing. I think I'll do a few more and then make my self a * small wall* somewhere upstairs for all the small hangings. I also found a book called Small Quilts for Small spaces that I want to try. These are mostly seasonal and mostly applique. There are some really nice shadow techniques that I want to try.

I embroidered two retirement bibs and I'm in the process ( as we speak) of monogramming towel sets for graduation gifts. Today seems to be finish it up day.... I have a large amount of semi finished and almost finished things ......once the towels are done... the only thing left is the Star Log Cabin Wall Hanging......then I'll be caught up again and I can start a whole new pile of fun things!!

I've also posted some pictures of my yard....and my spot on the deck where I sew outside... I love to sit outside and sew... the sounds of the birds and bees is quite soothing to me. I've also posted a picture of a Pileated Wood Pecker.... I was sooooooooooooooo excited last week when there was not one... but TWO of them on my Woodie feeders.. This is the largest of the woodpeckers. There are 5 kinds in Indiana....and now I've had all of them at my feeders.. I hope he's taken up residence somewhere in my yard too! The picture was taken thru two glass doors and was as close as I could get... he's very skitterish right now... but I'm sure he'll get used to me sooner or later. The smaller birds come up on the deck and sit on the railing and watch me sew and the hummers fly within a foot of me just to see what I'm up too!

For those of you following along on the 25 Weeks project... the June goals will go up this coming weekend......

For now, please enjoy the newest pictures......have a safe and wonderful week


Monday, May 12, 2008

May moments

lol thought that would be a fun title. I updated the flickr site with photos of this past weeks goodies. The totes are for the christmas box, one for my mom and not sure who will get the other one. The towels are for a friend at work... part of her grandaughters graduation gift for her new apartment in Texas. The golf towel is for my most favorite brother in law ... hadda do it if I want to stay at the top of his favorite sister in law list!

I have a few projects in the works... I wonder at what point does a WIP become a UFO? I'm working on the Stars Across America blocks by Eleanor Burns... I have a few made... but need to work on the rest.. this is my inbetweenstuff project. I'm making a Star Log Cabin wall hanging... also by Eleanor.. it will be a trial to see if a Full Size quilt is in my future.... I"m also working on the June quilters dozen block...lots of paper pieced blocks this month....and I got the new Victory Quilts book, once again by Eleanor.... have I ever mentioned she's my idol?? My very first quilt ever many many years ago was Eleanors Block Sampler.... I still have that quilt... it's a bit raggy now... but used and loved quite muchly!

I've been knocking down my binding pile also... I have about 4 more candle mats to do and one mitten wall hanging to do........ I also need to do an Ipod case and work on this months embroidery club project. I think it's a luggage tag and a key case...... I want to try it out of some Mock Crock.... pictures on that probably next week.

I guess that's it for this week.......... we'll see what next week brings

Happy Sewing


Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's May

How can it be May already?? What happened to March and April? Time certainly does fly, doesn't it!!

I've been busy, so I guess that why I haven't noticed the months just whizzing by but I certainly need to start paying closer attention... there's only 234 more days til Christmas ya know!

I spend last week and this week on baby quilts... I have 4 done now... 1 boy oriented, 2 girl oriented and 1 either way.... that is if I actually decided to give this one up.... I have them posted on the photo site... it's called flying frogs... it's bright bright ( did I mention bright?) flying geeze and appliqued smiling frog faces. I have a box of baby quilts....all sorts of cute things in it... and this is one of them..... the boy quilt is an adaptation of one of the quilts in the Little Box of Baby Quilts also. The girls quilts were made at the same time.... one positive block, one negative block made by sewing one block and then cutting it and resewing... really fast and quite easy. I cut and sewed the blocks for both quilts on saturday and put them together today. They are from the Eleanor Burns book "still stripping after 25 years" I was on yesterday morning and this was one of her videos... I watched her make it...and then it was off to the sewing room. I started on the blocks around noon and finished the last one around 5.

The only other project for this week were the coasters we did in embroidery club... they are in the hoop coasters from moosebstitchin and they were fun! little prairie points on the coaster which is a really good size... about 5" across almost......

I started another boy quilt, a Train, and need to work on that next. I have the engine, caboose and cars fused to some cloud background, now to do the applique on that...then add some borders. That will be this weeks well as working on circles for a cute smiley face quilt. I want to have an assortment of baby quilt tops when the little ones get here, I can grab one and quilt and bind it and be all ready!

I won the block lottery this month on my quilting group. I'll be receiving blocks called Indiana Puzzle done in kona snow and either 30's repro or pastels. I've received 4 so far and will post a picture as I get more..... this will be a lap throw for ME!!

I've been working on the 25 weeks of Christmas Book......and will be posting the May goals for those of you playing along at the end of this weeks blog.

Guess that's it for now
Happy Quilting


May goals for the 25 Weeks of Christmas

May goals

1. Your christmas list needs to be filled out and complete
2. Your project bags need to be complete and ready sew
3. Your birthday and non holiday projects need to be completed thru September

Mothers day is May 11th

Your project goals for this month will be

Reversible Napkins
We did coasters earlier.....and glass mugs was on the list of staples for your box....
a mug, a coaster and a napkin along with some hot chocolate, tea or coffee make a great gift........

A set of 4 or 6, reversible napkins, monogrammed and tied with a pretty ribbon is also a quick and easy gift.

Chocolate Spoons make a great gift for any coffee lover!
Add a few spoons to your mug and napkin and it's a gift to die for!
These are very inexpensive to make also.

It's an easy month goal wise.... get the lists ready... get the box ready....get your sewing room
organized and ready!!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 20th

Spring was here for all of 3 days.......then cold and rain and crappy stuff.... then it came back again... and then it left But the gloomy days weren't quite as gloomy and the bright days were nice and maybe soon................

I woke up Friday morning thinking the cats were jumping on the bed fighting ..... hmmmmmm no cats in was an earthquake! Yup... my first earthquake. I've been thru 2 tornados...and I come from the east coast so I've been thru many many hurricanes... but this was my first earthshaker... it was very weird and didn't last long.... maybe 10 seconds at the very most.... the center was in Illinois....near southern Indiana and it was felt in several states around us. I live on the Wabash Fault... which apparently burps every 20 or 30 years.......this fault connects to the San Madrid fault which burbs every hundred years or so..... last time it burped it changed the flow of the Mississippi river they tell me.......... and it's over due.....

I got quite a bit done these past two weeks...... all of the pictures are posted on the photo site. I finished one baby quilt top and started the second. The second one is called Flying Frogs and it's bright flying geese and lime green's pretty cool.......I hope to get that finished up this weekend yet.

I've been working on my binding stack and finished up two christmas wall hangings, a table mat and the quilters dozen april block. I have a stack of candlemats yet to do, all made from those 30's orphan blocks.

The May goals for the 25 Weeks of Christmas will be posted the end of next week for those who are playing along, but not part of the yahoo group. I have a few openings if anyone wishes to join. I'm closing it again at the end of June and there will be no new members added after that until the following January.

There's also the possibility of a book on the 25 Weeks due out in the fall. I'll keep you posted on that also.

Have a look at the flickr site for all the new fun stuff.....Okie dokie duckie has updated her knitting blog so you might want to check that out too...Have a great week ahead....and
Happy Sewing!


Sunday, April 6, 2008


I almost hesitate to say it... but I think spring has FINALLY arrived in Indiana. It was in the 60's yesterday and close to 70 today!! It's absolutely gorgeous. My cats are very happy that they can now go out on the deck and soak in the sunshine too!

I got quite a bit of sewing done recently... I finished the binding on the purple log cabin wall hanging and it's been delivered to it's owner, I made a coffee set which consists of a small box for coffee/tea/sugar etc, 4 reversible napkins, 4 reversible coasters and a reversible table mat... actually about placemat size. I used a lot of stash. I had coffeebean fabrics that I used for another I started with that to make the box... one thing led to another and while digging I found a panel of coffee oriented blocks.. I cut the blocks apart to make the napkins and table mat and made stripes to cut the coasters from... quite awesome if I do say so myself lol. I made 4 pursnickities. THis is a lazy girl pattern that has 3 variations made from one 16" quilted square.. I made the nickita version. I call them Grab and Go! Two of them will be grab and go diaper bags for babies coming in august. They are shaped like a brick or a man's shaving kit and hold a pack of wet wipes, a couple of diapers, a bottle, binky and mommy's keys and wallet.... just enough to take for a quick trip. It hangs quite nicely on the stroller handle too! One of the others is made from sewing oriented fabric. That one as well as the last one will go in the christmas box along with the coffee set. There are also two small needle/thread kits. These need to have their snaps and buttons attached. I also did the first two blocks from my Stars across America wallhanging. I did the Barbara Fritchie star and the Harriet Tubman star. I plan to make a 4 or 6 star hanging so now I need to decide which other ladies from history will be represented... I'm sure Clara Barton will be in there but just not sure of the others. I also finished up the April block lottery blocks and they have been sent to their new owner. It was a really fun pattern this month.
This month was wing needle nite at embroidery club. I've posted pictures of the cocktail napkins, beverage napkins, and tray doilies that I did using a Wing Needle. Pretty cool!!!

I'll put pictures of all of the new stuff on the flickr site when I leave here. I think that's about all I finished up over the last two weeks. There were about 3 days that I didn't get a chance to get into the sewing room.... almost put me in withdrawal lol

I do have one project that I'm working on that I can't post yet.... its for the Fat Quarter Frenzy. I received the fat quarters and decided on my project... I have most of it cut...just one more part of it. Once it's done... it'll get sent back to it's owner...then I can post what I did with 4 fat quarters of fabric.

Think spring....... bee happy


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Bunny Day!!

Ir's Easter Sunday and here in Indiana the sun is finally shining. Maybe the Easter Bunny is bringing a basket full of spring!

There's a herd of new photos posted on the photo site. I had two really great days of sewing this week and finished up a few projects.

I did 18 9 patch blocks for the block swap. That's the 16 I need plus 2 extras...just in case someone else signs up. They are done in some left over Thimbleberries fabrics. I want to try the disappearing 9 patch quilt when I get mine back.

I also sashed up the large orphan blocks and they are ready for batting and quilting. The large ones will become table mats or candle mats and the smaller ones will become placemats. The little pinwheel orphan blocks will become hot pot mats and potholders...I have lots of insulbright!!

I finished up my spring Miranda Bag and Towne Purse. Both of these patterns are by Lazy Girl Designs. I also did up a Lazy accessory set... 2 Wonder Wallets, 2 pouches, and a check book cover. This time I made a large trifold quilted wallet. It's not a Lazy Girl pattern. It took me 5 hours to make the wallet... it's nice... it has a zippered pocket, a regular pocket, credit card slots and a clear viny ID card slot. The credit card piece lifts up and theres 2 more vinyl pockets and a checkbook/coupon pocket and pen holder. It also has a pocket on the back.
It only took me 1b 1/2 hours to cut and sew the complete accessory set!!

I also finished up a purple Log Cabin Star for a friend at work. Just need to hand stitch the binding. I'll post that after the binding is completed.

There won't be much sewing today.... it's March Madness and it's hit West Lafayette! The Purdue Women's Basketball team is playing tonite in the first round NCAA games. There are four sets of games today and I"ll probably go watch'em all!!

Tuesday is the next set of games and if all goes well today... we'll play tuesday nite for our shot at the Sweet Sixteen.... so keep your fingers crossed and think Black and Gold!!

For those playing along on the 25 Weeks... April goals will be posted next week and currently I have a few openings available in the yahoo group. April 1st I'm closing membership again til June so if you are interested, please sign up. You can see the group here

Til next week
Think Spring


Sunday, March 16, 2008

March is acting much like a Lion

March came in like a lamb and it's acting very much like a lion! Snow..rain..winds and crap.... but the birds are singing a cheerful song and the chipmunks have left their burrows and are running helter skelter looking for food.......

I've been working on a few things so far this month.... I finished up my block lottery flower blocks...they are posted on the Flickr site... also there's a paper pieced turtle tool mat, some Lazy Girl Sew and Go kits, a couple of Ipod cases. I finished up my Giant Postage STamp blocks and everything is in the mail!!

I went to the Indiana State Museum to see the Threads that Bind exhibit... it's an Amish Quilt exhibit and really very nice. They also have a block from the Aids Quilt, Home of the Brave quilt and Quilt of Valor. They also have a free block kit that you can make for the Quilt of Valor and mail back. It's a very easy block... mine is done and on it's way to be part of a Quilt for an Injured Soldier.

The rest of this month will be spent working on Orphan Blocks, and Gift Box Stuff. One of the Ipod cases is for me and one is for the gift box. One is for a birthday in April. The same goes for the 3 Sew and Go kits... the batik is a birthday gift, the rainbow one is for me, the other goes in the box, although I do have a receipient that may get it before xmas.

Hopefully those of you who are playing along are working on your goals. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact me.

Somewhere I have 2 paper pieced coffee cups... I want to make them into coasters.. but they seem to have run off at the moment... I'm sure they'll surface again soon...and when they do... I'll take pictures!!

Have a great week


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March came in like a Lamb

March arrived in my part of Indiana on saturday as calm as a baby was warm and wonderful and definitely like spring! Sunday was the same.... temps in the 60's..... sunshine, warm breeze, birds singing....... Monday morning I left for work in 62 degree weather...that was at 6:30 in the morning...... by the time I got home it was 32......this morning it was -10 with the wind..... I just love Indiana weather! lol

I don't have pictures up yet of what I've been working on.... been doing a bit of this and that and a whole lot of something else! Right now I have a Miranda Bag and a Towne Purse cut and quilted and ready for sewing......I have an assortment of Wonderwallets, pouches and check book cover ready for sewing to match the bag and tote........ I have a log cabin star I'm working on for a girl at work....... I have 8 or 10 large orphan blocks sashed and ready to be quilted.... these will become candle mats for the gift box.........there are 6 others that will become table runners or toppers and I have 12 small orphan blocks ready also.... these will be made into table toppers and potholders.... I need to get busy!!!

I'll post the March goals for those of you playing along on the 25 Weeks til Christmas program....

There are more this you'll need a bit more time to complete them...... right now there are 295 days left til christmas!!!! Wow! It'll be here before ya know it!

1. Complete ALL remaining goals for January and February

2. Prepare your birthday gifts for April and May

3. Fill in any remaining blank spots on your gift list... you can always change it later, but you need to have your list completed by the end of the month.

4. Gather up your orphan blocks. It's time to get rid of those leftover blocks from quilts, swaps, block of the month projects, etc. You can turn them into finished gifts in no time at all! Listed at the end of these goals are a few things you can do with orphan blocks. It will be up to you how many you complete, but you should shoot for at least 4-6 for this month.

5. If you don't quilt or have orphan blocks,or you don't want to use up your orphan blocks then you need to complete 6 pillow cases. Pillow cases can be singles or sets of 2.... up to you. Pillow cases make great gifts for kids and for college students. Flannel pillowcases are warm and comfy too! Pillow cases can also be used as *gift bags* for larger gifts. They also make wonderful bridal shower gifts too!

Things to do with orphan blocks
for larger blocks.... 16" or more... add several borders and make baby quilts or large floor pillows 4 large blocks together makes a nice lap throw or crib quilt.
for blocks 12-14" add some borders or sashing and use for table runners, table mats, candle mats, pillows, placemats, large tote bags
for blocks 8-10" pillows, placemats, tote bags, put several together for table runners or table mats
For smaller blocks quilt them and then use them to make wallets, eyeglass cases, rotary cutter cases, etc.

Think about making a shower curtain from your blocks.... they are quick and easy to do! The basic shower curtain measures 70 x 72......... I have one on my photo site that I made.... I did 6" borders on the sides and made an 8" checker board on the bottom.... the top header was 4"...and I made button holes for the hooks to go thru..... it's really a fun project...... no batting!!! after you put the blocks together.... add just a backing.... I used white cotton..... I made it like a pillow case..... sewed down the sides and across the bottom.... then turned and added the header... i just tacked the front to the back at a few places then attached a plastic liner along with the curtain when I put it on the hooks... if you draw it out on a piece of graph paper first.... it goes together really quickly.

Ok kids.... you have your assignments.........I'll post pictures of what I've done so far soon........

See you in a week!!


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Last Sunday in February

Can you believe it?? Another month is almost gone! Time sure flies when it's cold and snowy and crappy outside! We've been having 3" of snow.... every day.... for forever it seems...... just enough to be annoying....I'd rather see an 18" dump than this piddly fluff stuff!! It's bright and sunny today so there is some melting and runoff...and that means more flooding.... we've had our share of flooding recently too! Someone definitely ticked off Mother Nature and I wish whoever it was would just apologize so we can move on to spring!

Ok... I just came back from the Purdue Boilermakers Women's Basketball game......... We've amazed and astounded just about everyone this year.........our two key players were injured and had to sit out this entire season...... we have a very young, inexperienced team.......BUT!! these girls have fought hard and played hard...and yes, sometimes played really stupid... but we are currently 3rd place in the Big Ten standings........ We have one more game left in this season before we head to Indianapolis for the Tournement........ Most of the powers that decide things had us pegged for 6 or 7th at the most... that'll teach'em!

Today was an especially tough game... we played the spartans hard at their home court...and held them through the first half...and then we played stupid and went from a 9 point lead to losing the game...... today we played hard....the whole game.......everyone played their hearts out and we pulled it off!!!

I also noticed something today......... Michigan brought a lot of fans with them..... that's unusual for any team that comes to play here... they will bring a few...but today there were a lot.... and I noticed one other thing........ there is nothing in this world that can bring a group of strangers together like the Chicken Dance can. Our pep band started playing......and everyone started flapping...even a few of the michigan's a sight to behold!

Enough for now........ later this week I'll put up the March goals for those of you that are playing along with the 25 Weeks and I'll post a few pics too.

Take care


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You Make My Day Award

Rhonda over at Patches and Pieces gave me a very special present today. I was given the You Make My Day Award!! I'm so excited!!!
Now it does come with a rule that I have to follow.... I must Re-present this award to my 10 favorite blogs... the places I go that make me happy! I must let them know thru an email or blog post on their blog that they have a special award too!
So here are my favorite places to play. Please drop by and they just might become your favorite places too! This is Joans Lazy Place This is Lauries Place This place belongs to my favorite duckie This is Darlene and her Mules! I love the name of this place.... In A minute ago! I can never get enuf dishcloths! one of my fav's for sure
yes... I know that's 11! I couldn't choose just ten...I would have had to leave someone out!
Rhonda...thanks so much for my award!! Ladies.... you are the best!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Middle of February

How is everyone this fine springlike day? Well... it's like spring here in Indiana at the moment. It's 50 degrees at 10:30 in the morning.... of course since this is Indiana...that will likely change by the time I finish this weeks blog! lol

This past week has been an extremely productive week! I finished up the quilting on the February Quilters Dozen's all bound and ready for class tomorrow nite. I finally learned to paper piece!! The March Quilters Dozen block has paper pieced kites...and I was determined I was going to learn to do this! (Plus one of my new years goals is to do a Mariners Compass wall hanging for which I would need to know how to paper piece!) I gathered up the paper piecing papers and some scraps and headed off to my quilt shop......Cheryl was more than happy to show me how this works and I came home and not only did the kites... I completed the March block too! All that needs is to have it's binding stitched down.

I also made an Orange Dotted Adoorable, did two pillowcases for the embroidery club project for this month, completed 4 blocks for the block lottery that I"m in... did 4 giant postage stamp blocks for the round robin that I'm in......cut out a new Purse and Miranda bag and printed some patterns for hats from the Wild Things Program. I'm hoping next week will be just as productive!!

For those of you playing the 25 are your goals coming along?? You should have all of January finished...and February started......March will be a relatively easy month, but we'll start to kick it up a notch in it'll be good for you to have all your goals completed by then. You should also have all your birthday gifts for february, march and april completed and in the box ready for gifting.

The new pictures are posted on the Flickr site.......

Have a great week!


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's February!

February is here....the groundhog saw it's shadow....or didn't depending on where you live lol So if you are in Georgia...spring is on the way, however, if you are in Pennsylvania, hunker down cuz you got 6 more weeks of winter! lol

I've posted a new set of Photos on Flickr....the link is over there on the left...... I did 4 new runaround bags......2 potato bakers using some potato fabric I had in my Kyles Market stash, an Adoorable Sickie Kit, the January and February Quilters Dozen Blocks of the Month, and several sets of coasters. Most of this will go in the 25Weeks Box.

If you are playing along with the 25Weeks, how are you doing? Are your January Goals finished? Are your february goals started? February will be over before you know it and Christmas will be here shortly!

How bout those Giants!!!! That game was outstanding and so were the commericals.... gotta love that puking baby and the Rocky themed Horse... of course the giant mousetrap was kinda cool too! Football is now essentially over......and it's time for March Madness!! Both Purdue basketball teams...womens' and men's are beating the odds and doing fantastic.... both teams are tied for 1st and the mens team just broke into the top 25! Go Boilers!!!

Have a great rest of the week and I'll catch ya on the weekend!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January is almost gone!!

Can you believe it? The first month of the New Year is almost history! Have you been busy?
I have!! I have some pictures to post later this evening. I have a few Lazy Girl Runaround bags made, I have my barn walling almost completed... I have some buttons to sew on it yet and then it's ready for hanging... I have pictures of the January Quilters Dozen Block of the Month and February is almost ready for picture taking! Several more sets of coasters have been added to the gift box also! I also have a picture of the shirt we did in embroidery club. It's cute!!!

For those of you following along with the 25 weeks program..... are your January goals finished?? Are you ready to start your February goals? Before the warm weather gets here, you want to have as much done and in the box as you can....cuz I'm sure you'll want to be outside enjoying the warm and the sun....I'm soooooooooooooo looking forward to that! It was -22 wind chill here this morning... all of my car doors were frozen shut and I broke my ice scraper trying to get my back window cleared off... spring is just around the corner, right??

Super Bowl is this coming Sunday....and they made it very easy this year! Both teams use Red/white/blue for their team colors!! I think the main difference is one uses navy blue and one uses royal blue........and they are both East Coast teams!! I hope to get some coasters done for the party....or at least a football banner to hang........we'll see!

Also on my list to get done by the 14th is an heirloom pillow case... this will be a project for next months embroidery club.....

Oh... have you seen the clover smocking stuff?? I fell in love with the yoyo makers....and now they make smocking kinda easy too...... you can see a project done with them at and there's a link to a clover video there too!

Ok...that's it for now.... have a great rest of the week and I'll let you know when the pictures get posted


Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's the Weekend!!

It's Saturday! Another first... I'm blogging on! 2008 is becoming the year of firsts! As promised earlier... I've posted some pictures on the photo site ( )

You will notice there is an abundance of Wonder Wallets. Well... they aren't really Wallets anymore...they have become WonderKits!! Sewing Kits, Office Kits, Coffee Kits... you get the idea.

It's part of the February Goals for the 25 Weeks of Christmas Group. One of their goals this month is to learn to think outside the box... and their project is to make theme based wonder wallets based on people they want to gift for. A wondercuppa...either coffee or tea added to a coffee mug and coaster or napkin makes a great personalized gift for the coffee or tea drinker. A wonderkit filled with personal items like shoe shine cloth, extra hankie, extra tie tack, lint pickerupper, is great for the guy on the go! Fits into his toiletries bag, or jack pocket or briefcase. Have a look at the photos and think about someone on your gift list who would appreciate a Wonder Kit.

If you are playing along... February goals for the 25Weekers are as follows:

Start Gathering... get some zip lock bags and index cards... gather all of the supplies you need to make your gifts and put each on in a bag... if it's complete, put READY on your index card and put it in the bag... if you need some supplies, put them on the index card and put it in the bag, but put that bag at a different place... we'll do something additional later on.

If you haven't done so... get your christmas card list ready. Find some christmas cards and put them in a zip lock bag... this time of year is a good time to buy cards on cheap specials.

Also... as you are gifting... think about the person you want to gift... really think about them... likes, dislikes, hobbies, things they do, or don't do... etc... it'll make it easier to have the perfect gift for them

And lastly... think outside the box.... See above... when is a wonder wallet no longer just a wallet? When it becomes a WonderKit! Tailor it to a specific person on your list... or just make'em up. As you are gathering for your gifts... look for those novelty fabrics you bought and didn't know what to use them for... now is the time!!!

Have a wonderful week!! Happy WonderKiting!!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Middle of the Week!

It's wednesday.... I never post on Wednesdays....well, almost never. But I needed to put an update in here before the weekend.

This weekend I hope to post pictures of a few things that I've done for Christmas 2008... yep...that's right... 2008.... no sense waiting til the last minute! lol

I've even started a Yahoo group called the 25 weeks of Christmas. The official kickoff is July 5th... but from now til then...we'll be getting ready by doing small projects... a couple of goals, and kicking around ideas for gifts.

I'll try to keep you updated here as to what we are doing.

This month the goals were simple.... Get a Box.... any kind of box... this is for holding the gifts as they are finished. Make a list......use a spreadsheet, notebook, whatever you have but list every gift you know you need for the coming year... List the name of the giftee....what the gift is and when you need it.... birthdays...anniversaries...weddings... graduations etc...... now there will be last minute stuff that pops'll be ready!!! The final goal is to make at least 6 Tissue Packet Covers... the kind you stick in your pocket or purse or backpack..... we found several types on the net and we discovered that all tissue packets are NOT created equal! Some are thicker than others and some are a wee bit longer or wider and some open from the ends instead of in the middle (sigh) but it keeps our creative processes flowing! lol

February goals will be given to the group this weekend.......and I'll also post them here... just in case you want to blog along with us on this adventure. Our yahoo group is limited in membership...we just wanted to be large enough to get a good variety of ideas...but small enough that we can enjoy each others company.... so far, we've accomplished that goal!

I'll also be posting pictures this weekend of some wallhangings I've done ..... one is called Sunnyside Farm and it is just toooooo cute!! Hubby wanted it for the empty space above the stairs that go down to the family rooms........the other is a log cabin star that I'll be teaching a class on in February. I also have a January Block of the Month to finish before the weekend for a class I'm to teach next Monday... the original teacher has to be I got the stuff yesterday....and I'll be ready! lol

I have some wonder wallets and coaster sets done and I'll post those pics also.........

So... until the weekend

Happy Sewing


Sunday, January 6, 2008

1st Sunday in January

Another year has come and gone. It's time to sweep out the old and clutter up with the new! At least thats what usually happens in my sewing room!

Have you made resolutions? Have you broken your resolutions? I don't make resolutions...I find I break them very quickly...I set goals instead, some private and personal and some put out there for the world to see and hold me accountable for!

This year there are 2 goals. Number 1 is to learn to paper piece and make a Mariners Compass wall hanging. I love these things...but I have to learn to paper piece if I'm gonna make one...I put those together into one goal cuz the only reason I'll learn to paper piece is to make the Mariners Compass! Who knows, maybe I'll even enjoy it! Number 2 is to knit a pair of socks. Two complete socks..that fit..that I can actually wear..... good thing I have 12 months!

Didja notice that there's only 353 days left til christmas 2008?? Have you started your christmas gift list? Believe it or not I have !! I do this little thing I call the 25 weeks of Christmas. The first 25 weeks of the year I make lists and gather supplies and make small things and put them in a box... then the second 25 weeks...beginning July 5th this year..I go into full present each week... sometimes more...sometimes less... but by thanksgiving I'm under control...and by December 10th I'm done... bagged..and tagged!! That gives me two weeks to enjoy the season... bake cookies..relax....have fun! There'll be more about this little program that I's my own invention even.....and of course there will be lots and lots of photos of my projects

I'm also continuing the ** what can I make from one fat quarter** project that started late last far we have 10 chicken pincushions and 10 fortune cookies.....we'll see what 2008 adds to the project.

I guess that's it for today..... more next week.......and more photos too!!

Til then