Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh Wow!!!! Spooky Give Away!!

Ok everyone....and I mean EVERYONE!!!! head over to and check out the fantastic giveaway! Plus...... for each of you that go visit.... I get an extra entry............ and I'd reallllllllly like to win!

Even if you dont' quilt..... at least go look! This is a really fun site!!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ufo's Scrap Bag and Sick

I was down with some sort of cold/sinus crap for over a week.... one of the reasons why there was no post last week.....

This week I've been working on completing some projects.... a purse and back pack. The purse is done.. but the back pack is really going slow... for an easy pattern it sure is taking me a long time!

I haven't added any scrap diddly blocks or centers these past two weeks....... need to get a handle on that also......

I have one of my scrap quilts backed and batted and is now ready for quilting.... I also have 3 more ufo's that need to be done soon.... I've now commited to finishing these so I need to hop to it!!! The beachhouse scrap quilt also needs to be done. I'm hoping to get all of these quilted and ready to be bound by the middle of november.... I'd like them to be totally finished by then... but I'll settle for up to the binding stage......

I'm adding a few links I'd like you to visit. The fiberobsessive site is my friend Viki's first blog.... and she's doing great.... she doens't do computers well but she's finally getting the hang of it and her blog is coming along nicely. and are the other two. Please stop by and check'em out!

And if you happen to do farmville.... I could use another neighbor or two! lol

Have a warm week!