Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 20th

Spring was here for all of 3 days.......then cold and rain and crappy stuff.... then it came back again... and then it left But the gloomy days weren't quite as gloomy and the bright days were nice and maybe soon................

I woke up Friday morning thinking the cats were jumping on the bed fighting ..... hmmmmmm no cats in was an earthquake! Yup... my first earthquake. I've been thru 2 tornados...and I come from the east coast so I've been thru many many hurricanes... but this was my first earthshaker... it was very weird and didn't last long.... maybe 10 seconds at the very most.... the center was in Illinois....near southern Indiana and it was felt in several states around us. I live on the Wabash Fault... which apparently burps every 20 or 30 years.......this fault connects to the San Madrid fault which burbs every hundred years or so..... last time it burped it changed the flow of the Mississippi river they tell me.......... and it's over due.....

I got quite a bit done these past two weeks...... all of the pictures are posted on the photo site. I finished one baby quilt top and started the second. The second one is called Flying Frogs and it's bright flying geese and lime green's pretty cool.......I hope to get that finished up this weekend yet.

I've been working on my binding stack and finished up two christmas wall hangings, a table mat and the quilters dozen april block. I have a stack of candlemats yet to do, all made from those 30's orphan blocks.

The May goals for the 25 Weeks of Christmas will be posted the end of next week for those who are playing along, but not part of the yahoo group. I have a few openings if anyone wishes to join. I'm closing it again at the end of June and there will be no new members added after that until the following January.

There's also the possibility of a book on the 25 Weeks due out in the fall. I'll keep you posted on that also.

Have a look at the flickr site for all the new fun stuff.....Okie dokie duckie has updated her knitting blog so you might want to check that out too...Have a great week ahead....and
Happy Sewing!