Sunday, August 2, 2009

July is gone!!!

Can you believe it?? July is gone! I'm not sure where it went either. This summer has been very cool.... very few days in the 90's. School starts here in about 2 weeks and in 3 weeks the kids will be back at the college......before you know it.... it'll be christmas and we'll be complaining about the cold...... or lack thereof if the winter is like summer has been.....

I added 2 more beach houses to the beach house scrap quilt... just 2 more houses to go.... then the next row is the sun and sky....... and then the water and waves...... I'm excited!! I'm hoping to complete the other two houses this week and maybe start the sun row. I need to work more on the crazy bird quilt.... maybe next week :-)

I completed a few xmas projects this week..... two knitting needle cases.... a set of bunny bowling....and a scrappy 4 patch. It's an adaptation of Eleanor Burns Rudolphs 4 patch. I didn't use as many different fabrics as she did in the original but it looks really nice. It's now on the ready for quilting/binding pile. That stuff gets worked on later in fall....... all the quilting is done at one time and then all the binding will be done at one time....... easier for me to do it that way.

I'm attaching the pictures of the beach houses and the ornaments..... I'm planing on several more ornaments from the scrap bag...and I picked up a pattern today for a scrappy patchwork backpack.... might have to do one of those for me!!

Have a great week!