Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lazy Hazy Crazy Dayz of Summer

With the emphasis on Lazy... you all know that I love Lazy Girl Patterns..... Today was HOT! I don't mean sexymakemedrool hot... I mean 98 degrees in the shade I decided it was a perfect day to be Lazy!

Earlier this week ...Wedensday I think it was...I grabbed a bundle of 8 fat quarters and decided I needed a new Purse and stuff... stuff being wonder wallets, zippered pouch and check book cover.... I cut the lining and pockets and did those on wednesday nite... thursday I quilted the front and back cover and did the handles.... Friday I went to the State Fair..... today I put the purse together.......made two wonder wallets, a small zippered pouch and a check book cover which also doubles as a datebook/calendar cover. I spent about 5 hours today total finishing up everything.... it normally takes me about 3 hours to make a Towne Purse..... the other stuff takes no time at all. It did some careful cutting to get everything out of those 8 fat quarters....but I did it! It's on the photo site now and it's also been posted at the Lazy Girl Yahoo Group.... if you haven't been there.... you really need to join....there is soooooooooo much lazy there you can't imagine!! and it's quality lazy too!! You can join the yahoo group here You can find LazyGirl Patterns here be careful..... don't forget to put the word designs in there lol.... and you can visit the Lazy Blog at ...lots of fun info and more Lazy there. Ok... I'm not affiliated with LazyGirl Designs... I'm just one heck of a satisified happy lil Lazy sewist! lol

Ok.... my other feat for the week.... Monday I had a vacation day... so I decided to finish up my ornament table runner... it's made from a charm pack by Moda called Holly Jolly....well I was doing the freemotion quilting...and singing a christmas tune and just having a grand old time when somewhere between Fa La and La the finger that was swooping the fabric in and out of the needle swooped in and didn't swoop out in time.... the needle went in next to my nail.... thru the finger...came back up with the bobbin thread hit my nail and broke.... OUCH!!! Fortunately I'm a slow bleeder so I didn't get any blood on the runner... but wow o wee it hurt!!. I'm normally a klutz so I had bandaids and antibiotic ointment close by...and I had a tetnus booster in february so I figured I was good to go. Then the throbbing began.... oh my!! That kinda put a bit of a halt to my sewing for the day........but the runner is finished....and bound and there's a picture of the finger booboo and the runner on the photosite......

I guess that's it for this weeks update....

Have a safe one.... have a cooooool one

Til next week