Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's september???

Seriously?? Where did the summer go?? I've been pretty busy... but not in a productive way........ Now I did get some stuff done....but not as much as I usually do.... but we went on a lot of last minute weekend that was good too! We did a Lighthouse tour in wisconsin and a mini quilt shop hop on the way home. We took a flying trip to Buffalo NewYork... with a mini quilt shop hop on the way out! Get the idea? So now I have lots and lots ( and lots) of fun fabric to play with. I did get my challenge project for the Quilting Book Club done... you had to choose 3 colors plus one color for accent/background and make something holiday oriented. My colors were gold, green, red and cream accent. I made a set of Kitchen Window place mats...and a set of Play Date placemats... pics of the fabrics and the mats are on flickr. The mats are on the wob pile and need to have their bindings done and pics taken by september 30th. I did quite a few swaps this summer also........and just mailed the last of them right now I'm swapless! lol I think I'll skip the next round of swaps (maybe) and get back to working on the Subway Quilt...and the Christmas Quilt and the rest of the christmas goodies that need to be done. I currently have 40 mini totes cut and ready for handles........these are for our work christmas party... need to make 40 tissue packet covers for that also...... So fall is was 39 degrees this morning........hmmmmmmm not sure I like that yet... but who knows what winter might should be interesting for sure!! I'll try now to get back on track........and keep my posts current and get back to knocking out another few UFO's before the end of the year.......I'm at 14 right now... that's one more than last year...... so if I can get another 2 or three done... next year will be a breeze.... I haven't created any ufo's this year either so I need to get working on the subway quilt before it becomes one! Check out to see the goodies that did get done this summer Lish