Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March is gone already??

How can it be? Three months of 2012 is already gone!! But there's been lots of progress in those three months. Many Many completed ufos.... many new quilt tops....and two containers are now empty!! wooohooo!

I didn't get much more of my list done... the WOB pile is still at the same spot it was two weeks ago.... and the alice blocks and black and white plus one blocks aren't started yet.... BUT i've been reading........ I got the Hunger Games books for my nook. I've finished The Hunger Games... Catching Fire and I'm 3/4 thru The MOckingjay book. once those are done I think I can resume doing what I've planned to do in the sewing pit! lol

I did get two cabinet things for in there. I'm going to remove the one table I put in since it's not serving the purpose I intended it to... it's become a catch all and I don't want that! I got a small two door 3 shelf cabinet that's stackable...so I'll probably get at least one more of that and I got a 6 cube unit that has fabric boxes that go in the cubes... that's also stackable so there will be another one of those also... I plan to have the cubes hold the WIP's.... such as the Farmers Wife Sampler....and the two scrappy quilts I've decided I want to do....as well as the Christmas Quilt we'll be doing in embroidery club. I think that will help keep things organized and I can work on the quilt...and keep things together...especially on the scrappy ones.

The Farmers Wife Sampler uses up whatever fabrics I have that match the colors used on the block. I think I have 6 blocks done so far........

The first scrappy quilt I want to do is Bonnie Hunters Scrappy Trips around the World... probably a throw size quilt...that should use up a goodly amount of scraps..

The second scrap quilt will be a Tokyo Subway Map quilt. These just fascinate me! I haven't decided on the size of this one yet. Each size takes the same amount of pieces... 1600... yes... you read that correctly One thousand six hundred pieces!!!

The size of the pieces determines the size of the finished product.... a 40 x 40 wall hanging starts with pieces that are 1 1/2" the 60 x 60 uses 2" squares and the 80 x 80 uses 2 1/2" pieces... there are 960 white squares... 60 black squares representing the station stops and the rest are the lines. There are 12 colors with an assorted amount of pieces to make the lines.......... I'm wanting to do the 80 x 80 simply because 2 1/2" squares are a doable size............ and the quilting would either be straight line channel quilting .... which I can do ..... or orange peel quilting... which is new to me but also doable....

I hope to print the patterns and being the fabric gathering process this weekend......I know I have enough scraps to pull off both of these with ease! I also have some nice white that will work well for the TSM background.

I have no time frame set to complete any of these... but definitely by the end of the year.

The Christmas Quilt is by Lunch Box Quilts and its' machine appliqued.... its a 60 x 60 quilt with varying size blocks and a total of 8 different applique designs. We're going to be starting this in May.......and we're shooting for a November finish... it's got around 210 blocks....but some of the designs are small... stars and light bulbs and they will go really quick... The holly is a bit more involved and will take longer to do...

So that's the game plan for the next few months........ I will post progress pics on all of the above projects as well as other projects that I hope to do in between working on these.........

and if this doesn't convince you that I'm certifiable... I don't know what will! bwaaahhhahahaahahahahah

til next time