Friday, January 9, 2009

It's still January!

It's still January and it's still cold!!! I'll be soooooooo happy when spring finally gets here and things are warm again.

I've been working in my sewing it up...organizing it a bit... and doing some odds and ends. I finished a backpack for my great nephews birthday... just gotta mail it this weekend... I did 2 tissuebox covers, a santa sack and a wonder wallet as well as cut out 4 blocks for my Block Lottery group. I'll get pictures posted this weekend on the photo site of all the new stuff.

I hope to finish up the Block Lottery Blocks and get those mailed this weekend also

We've added quite a few new members to the 25Weeks of Christmas Group.... We'll take a few more and then cut the membership off again til June so if you are interested... sign up soon.

Since the Colts are out of the superbowl... my next choice is the Steelers... we'll see Sunday how that goes... lol I don't care who they will play.... I just want to see them play! lol

Not much else is going on right I'll see you in a few days