Monday, September 6, 2010

It's national sewing month

It's also september! Where did the summer go?? It's been a busy summer for sure... lots of day trips and weekend trips but now it's time to buckle down and get my list of gotta do's under control.

I managed quite a bit this long first weekend of National Sewing month.... in fact I have 3 sets of gifts for xmas all done... just about... I have to put ties in the drawstring bags........and fill two eye spy bags.... and make a bunch of yoyo's for the tic tac toe boards. That takes care of the older kids... ages 2..3..and 5 and leaves a 6 month old yet to do..........

I also got all of my barn blocks of the week caught up.... I'll be posting pics of blocks 31-32-33 and 34!! I also have the september 30's block of the month complete and all of my halloween and circus bitty blocks are ready to mail in the morning.

The Round Robin is now complete also! I finished the binding last nite and labeled it this morning and it's all ready to hit the postoffice tomorrow too... as I said... it was a busy productive long weekend........

I'll be posting a lot of pics over on flickr also.... I have a few pics from the columbus zoo and some pics of the Tall Ships from Chicago... I also have a couple pics of the chicago lighthouse and the chicago skyline that I took from the Tall Ship we sailed on.... it was an astounding trip!!! The morning was bright and beautiful... breezy and the lake was just perfect!!! I'd definitely take that sail again!

I hope to finish up a few more gifts during this week........ or at least parts of gifts....and have another great marathon next weekend....

For now I guess that's it........... have a great week and a wonderful national sewing month!