Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I've been lax in posting in november and now all of a sudden it's DECEMBER!!! wow!

I have been busy though. all of my presents and gifties that needed to go on vacation with me did so..... I have 2 pair of loungers and 2 ties to make and I'm done!

I have some little trinket stuff to do... catnip toys, etc........ but for the most part I am ready for the Jolly Guy to come visit me!!!

And it's really a good thing that I start early and follow the 25 Weeks of Christmas program.... last week I was gone for a week....... gone this weekend to an out of town party and gone next weekend to Chicago for our anniversay....... don't get much done now during the week when I get home........

The 25 weeks of Christmas is my yahoo group... we have goals and a plan and by this time of year we are wrapped ... tagged... bagged and ready to enjoy a stress free Holiday season...
We are accepting new members for 2011 so come and join us! ( I think that's the direct link)

We do require you to post often and participate in the monthly goals....... and we will boot you out if you don't! lol No slackers or lurkers allowed........ we are a very helpful, chatty, productive bunch and we've turned many folks into stressfree holiday folks!

I don't know if I'll post again before the end of the year... probably should one more time...... need to go over my goals and see what made it and what didn't....

I know that the dear jane didn't........and I know that the 24 dishcloths did... I took the last one off the needles on my trip last week....... I reduced my stash but not by as much as I had hoped.......and I have lots of scrap blocks that haven't yet made it into quilt form....... but there's always next year!!!

Whatever the Reason for your Season..... be safe and be happy


Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Lazy Girl Project!

I'm really excited to be a tester for Joan Hawleys Lazy Girl products.... her newest project is really fun and quick to do!

It's a portable pocket to transfer your goodies from one bag to another quickly and comes in two sizes.... I'll post some pics of the smaller size below and you can go to for more pics and pattern preorder info. The pattern is due out in November.

I finished up the mini quilt project also! All done and quilted and they are just too cool! I"m sure baby sis is gonna love it... if not... I'll bet her daughter does! lol

I'm moving right along and I'm actually just a bit ahead of schedule for my projects. I'll head home over thanksgiving so the bulk of my christmas making needs to be done by then......

It was a very busy weekend in the sewing pit for sure... and there are lots of pics up on flickr. I have napkins cut out to go with the table topper but they aren't sewn yet... maybe later tonite or tomorrow nite for sure...... my goal this week is to get the napkins done and the table topper quilted and ready for binding...... also need to make 3 mug mats........ I want to be all done and packed up by November 16th...

I've also been knitting little stockings...they are small and hold a tube of lip balm quite nicely... I have 12 done and need 8 more........ those are my trinket gifts for this year......

also on this weeks list is block 38 of the block of the week barns.... I'm two down after that one.........and to start my house bitty blocks for my november swap... they need to be done and gone by the 15th of november........

It's turned to fall in indiana....... most of the leaves are off the trees already... the wind took care of that and we've had just a sprinkling of rain... not enough to get rid of the burn ban at all!

Ok... enough for now...... a few pics below.... more on flickr and I'll try to do a midweek update this week...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the SewWunderful sewing pit!! lol

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sewing Retreat

I went to a sewing retreat this weekend.... it was so much fun! The creativity was endless and I got a few projects completed........ the photos are posted on the flickr site.

The weather has been cool and more fall like....... but that hasn't stopped the Asian ladybugs from divebombing my deck door..... the bright sunshine really attracts them and they just love working their way into the house (sigh)

I have just 3 mini quilt panels left to do and then I can complete them.... I waited to do the final sewing and quilting as I haven't decided how to match them up yet.... do I put them in calendar order? or just grab and sew? It really doesn't matter i guess since you only display one at a time!... I threw in a party mini so now I'll need to make one more.... maybe a tree for xmas........that will give 14 choices and I think all the holidays and seasons are covered! wooohooo!!!

Christmas will be here before you know it!!! Most of mine need to be done before thanksgiving so I can take them back east with me......... but not too worry! I'm in pretty good shape and should be done in plenty of time!

Not much else this week......... go check out the pics....


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Indian Summer

The beginning of this week we had frost.... real frost... not just cold... yesterday is was 86 90...WTH???

I spent most of today sewing....and some of yesterday also.... I now have the easter, april, june and july mini quilts done.... quilted and bound a table topper and made some napkins for a birthday present... put together one set of swap blocks into a nice quilt top.......cheated and jumped ahead a bit and made the 12th block of the 30's BOM...that block isn't due til december... but it was easy to figure out and I'm getting excited to get it finished! lol

Now it's time to make some supper... settle in with my knitting and watch some TV

Hopefully this coming week will be a productive one also. I'm behind on my Barn of the Week... I'm 4 back now... and I have to put together the final barn of the Golden Thimble hanging.... maybe I'll make those a goal for this week.......they will be done by the end of October.... but i'll push for this week.

I have some knit stocking to do... little mini one's... just big enough for a roll of lifesavers or some lipbalm.... that's what I'll be working on tonite....

The pictures will be up on flickr in a little while... gonna do supper first...

have a great week everyone!!!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy Week

It's been a busy week........finishing up odds and ends here and there.... made a couple of house blocks for a special project that someone is doing...also made some tree blocks too.

I made my 10th 30's BOM block...and i spent today cutting the sashing and border bricks. I put the 9 blocks that are done together and added the top border. I'll sash the 10th block and have it ready for the november block.... the last row will go fast come december and I'll have the border bricks all ready to be added. I'll be tying this quilt to keep the 30's feel....... it'll be a nice throw size quilt about 52 x 70

I'm also working on my sisters xmas pressent.... I can talk about it here cuz she never comes here to see what's going on... lol I have a mini quilt stand...and I'm doing small panels... with a block for each month. They are reversible so there are 6 panels. The blocks are at opposite ends so when I quilt one block, I'm also doing the plain panel from the block on the reverse side. I have the 4 panels that I've done so far up on flickr... I'll get them batted and quilted hopefully this week.... only 8 more blocks to go! lol

I've also gathered up my bee blocks that somehow never got made into anything.... I have 3 sets ready to be made into quilt tops...and 2 sets of scrap blocks ready to be put together. 2011 will be the year of the UFO ... all these gorgeous flimsies I have will become real quilts!!! I'm also going to make a full hearted attempt to finish each quilt I start and not let the ufo's pile up! we'll see how that goes.. lol

I also made two more puzzel balls... one pink and one yellow...these will go in the gift box until they are needed.

All of the little ones gifts are done for xmas............whoooohoooo!!! I even have their bags done......... I'm track quite nicely and with any luck nothing will derail my train! I'm hoping for a productive week this week also.......

I have 3 barn blocks of the week to do and the last Golden Thimble barn.... I think they will be this weeks goal..

Guess that's it for now........ fall has come to Indiana to stay I think.... it's been cold at nite and chilly during the day... with bright sun.......perfect fall weather....... in fact.... it's so fall like.. I made a big pot of veggie soup and homemade bread yesterday!

a couple pics below... the rest are on flickr



Sunday, September 26, 2010

I was confused!!

One day this week I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking some coffee and watching the leaves fall from the trees. Lots of leaves on the ground... some turning colors... so I thought to myself...what a beautiful fall day.... then I went outside and it was 93!!! what the heck!!! then I remembered I live in Indiana.... confusion solved......

I've been busy the last two weeks finishing up odds and ends and working on xmas presents. I did a soft grabby ball... like the amish puzzle balls.... it was a bit fiddly but it turned out great! I have a yellow one and a pink one cut out now and in the works.. they'll go in the baby box.......

I also finished up my October 30's bitty blocks.. I'll post a pic here... since I can't post on flickr til october 1st....... I also have my mug rug swap packed up and ready for mailing... and my advent blocks done and ready for mailing and my bee obsessed blocks packed and ready to mail...... I'll hit the post office one day this week.

I made a couple of bibs to go with the ball and a soft book that has a regular golden book to go with it... kinda cute......

This week will be samples for novembers Paper piecing class as well as starting on the mini quilts for the mini quilt rack.... should be kinda cute... I hope!

Have a great week and hopefully I'll more goodies to show you next week.....


Sunday, September 12, 2010

All caught up for September

I came down with a cold the beginning of the week and it's really cramped my sewing time this week...... I managed to get some shapes traced onto fusible......and do some yoyo's during the week and between yesterday and today got my september stuff all caught up and started my October swap stuff........

BeeObsessed blocks for October are done....... scrappy mug rug for October is done except for it's binding... I'll stitch that down this week....... block #36 in the Wisconsin barn block of the week is done and the August and September Barns BOM from are also done...........My halloween and circus bitty blocks went out in the mail and I'm ready to start bitty's for October....... whew!!

I also got the new Quilting Arts Magazine and wow!! lots of projects in there that Ireally want to do......... but have to stay on track with Christmas.... I need to have a set amount of things done by the end of september for the christmas box... so when those are complete... then I'll play with the magazine!

The barn block of the week is posted below and the rest are on flickr...

have a great week!!


Monday, September 6, 2010

It's national sewing month

It's also september! Where did the summer go?? It's been a busy summer for sure... lots of day trips and weekend trips but now it's time to buckle down and get my list of gotta do's under control.

I managed quite a bit this long first weekend of National Sewing month.... in fact I have 3 sets of gifts for xmas all done... just about... I have to put ties in the drawstring bags........and fill two eye spy bags.... and make a bunch of yoyo's for the tic tac toe boards. That takes care of the older kids... ages 2..3..and 5 and leaves a 6 month old yet to do..........

I also got all of my barn blocks of the week caught up.... I'll be posting pics of blocks 31-32-33 and 34!! I also have the september 30's block of the month complete and all of my halloween and circus bitty blocks are ready to mail in the morning.

The Round Robin is now complete also! I finished the binding last nite and labeled it this morning and it's all ready to hit the postoffice tomorrow too... as I said... it was a busy productive long weekend........

I'll be posting a lot of pics over on flickr also.... I have a few pics from the columbus zoo and some pics of the Tall Ships from Chicago... I also have a couple pics of the chicago lighthouse and the chicago skyline that I took from the Tall Ship we sailed on.... it was an astounding trip!!! The morning was bright and beautiful... breezy and the lake was just perfect!!! I'd definitely take that sail again!

I hope to finish up a few more gifts during this week........ or at least parts of gifts....and have another great marathon next weekend....

For now I guess that's it........... have a great week and a wonderful national sewing month!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ms Lily

Here she is..... the newest girl in the lazy girl family..... her pattern is available for pre order and should be released in a couple weeks........

stuff..... and stuff I've learned

I've been busy over the last two weeks but not much to show... been working on bindings and quiltings and stuff............hopefully in another week or so I'll have new stuff to show... did a skinny runner and a snowman hanging that need to be quilted and bound... also been working on yoyo's for my mini quilts for xmas.........

Now anyone who knows me knows I'm somewhat of a ruler whore...........I love rulers.... regular rulers... specialty rulers.... etc...... I found a new ruler up in Lollys in Shipshewanna last week... it's called a double diamond and its pretty cool... Like any specialty ruler it has limitations but i think it can produce some fun gifts.... I'll post a pic below.......

Now I've also learned that when you use goo gone to remove sticky tape from your ruler.. it will also eat the paint on the numbers! One of my NEW 12"
QID rulers is now missing a few lines in the center but I can redraw them and it'll be fine.... I just added that to the Never armor-all your steering wheel note!

I did make an new lazy girl bag this week.... a new runaround bag. Hubby and I are heading to the tall ships next weekend and this fabric was perfect...and speaking of Lazy girl.... a NEW bag is coming out and I got to test it!!! Her name is Lily and she's beautiful... she's round and curvy and soft and pleated and just the right size for trips to the zoo and the museum....... my pics of her can be seen on LG's facebook page and when I get back to my other computer I'll post them here and on flickr.... she's just a wonderful lil girl!!

I'm behind on barn blocks and on my golden thimblebarn... I'm still hoping to be all caught up by the end of august.... so we'll see lol I need another marathon weekend!!!

Have a great week!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

mini marathon

I had a mini marathon sewing weekend.... I made two christmas table mats from Atkinson designs... they are small mats and one medium mat from the same pattern for halloween...the medium is about 32" across. I have to back and batt them and then work on quilting and binding this week. I also completed 2 wonky house blocks for the august bee obsessed quilt block swap and 3 many blocks for the september bee obsessed quilt block swap ( I love being a head of the game) I also completed 24 bitty blocks for the september bitty block swap... those themes are circus/carnival and halloween.... can't post pics of those yet... not til september comes but at least I'm ready!

I finished quilting and binding the coastal door/party banner and that will go out in wednesdays mail.....

it was a good weekend for sure! but something was missing........... my wisconsin barn block for this week... jen of cre8tive quilter is having laptop issues....and that's not good! hopefully she'll be back in business next week and whatever is wrong is just minor!

all the pics are posted on the flickr site

take a peek when you get a chance. I have some hand sewing to work on tonite...and yes... I found my yoyo makers so I can get started on yoyo's for a few projects

til next week... take care and stay cool


Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's been a busy week!

Actually it's been a busy two weeks...... last week I made some napkins and coasters for a birthday gift... one set with ducks and one with fishies... its a long story... don't ask.... I also did block 29 of the Wisconsin BOW and cut out several table toppers. I got one of the table toppers made up... just needs to be quilted. It's from the Happy Camper line and will go with my napkins placemats and pot mats that I'm already using........ it's basic bricks and it's made from just one charm pack. I'm planning on making the little ones tic tac toe boards for christmas... they'll be soft and quilty and I'm going to make yoyo's for the x's and o's......... soon as I find my yoyo makers...... I have fabric ready and I'll use this as a fill in project while riding with hubby or when I need something to do that I don't want to have to think about....... I also ran across a pattern for some yoyo pot mats so I might make some for that also... those have a circle of batting in them so I'll have to see if the yoyo maker will work with those or if I need to do them the old fashioned way lol

I made a set of 6 placemats with reversible napkins and coasters this week for a small dinner party hubby and I went to this past saturday. I finally finished up all of the binding friday nite.... I even worked on them during lunch at work! This weekend I managed to make a coastal door banner for my niece who lives on the bay in north carolina and is just returning from Bahrain. She'll be getting married the end of august..... the banner is for her open house/shower thingy that my sister ( her mom ) is having for her in about 2 weeks. The quilting needs done but that'll be this weeks project!

I also completed the august 30's BOM...and the weekly Wisconsin barn block 30. I also joined in an extra 3.5" mini swap for august... it was a pretty easy swap for those of us who had the regular swap completed and mailed out. There were 12 of us. The theme was traditional blocks as opposed to novelty type blocks and the colors were primary red, yellow and blue. I cut my blocks yesterday and sewed them today. Friday will be mail day this week as I have a few other things to get ready to mail.

I completed most of my landscape mini swap this weekend also... just have to stitch the binding and that will hopefully get done tonite while I watch food network challenge.... I just love that show!

I'm runnng behind on my knitting again......... still have to finish the scarf and the two dish cloths I have started...... also have to work on my socks! It's been really hot so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! lol

I'll post the Barn Blocks 29 and 30 below and the rest are on the flickr site.

I have one more BOM for August to do... that's the Golden Thimble Barn Block... haven't downloaded that one yet... I'll check in a bit to see if it's been posted.

The sentimental journey BOM is done as far as I'm concerned... I have 6 blocks... and last time I check the july block hadn't even been posted yet... I plan to make 4 of the blocks into a table mat.... and the other 2 into placemats. I've already started making napkins and coasters from the remaining fabric.

Guess that's it for now........ off to flickr to post some pics

Catch you all soon


Sunday, July 18, 2010

All caught up!!

I'm all caught up on my Block of the Week Barn Blocks.... and all caught up on my Golden Thimble Barn blocks..... I decided to do two more of the Sentimental Journey blocks and then make it into a table topper and napkins from the rest of the fabric....
I have several things backed and batted now and ready to be quilted... couple table runners... a sample wall hanging for a class and my bitty blocks summer fun wall hanging. The Bitty Block Committee does 3.5" squares.. in a theme... and we swap them... The June theme was picnic/bbq and it's just tooo cute! I have it backed batted and pinned... just need to quilt it...... July/August theme is beach/underwater... I've received a few of those so far and they are just too cute to be believed!!
It's been hot here and lots of nasty storms.... last nites storms caused power failures and flickers and lots of tree limbs down....... when I looked out side it reminded me of a hurricane the way the trees were bending...... didn't cool it off any though............still hot and hazy...

I'll posting a few pics here of the barn blocks and the bitty hanging.. even thought it's not done yet...... So you'll see blocks 25-26-27-28 and a mini block... block 1.

Have a great week!


Monday, July 12, 2010

July update

It's hot! lol but it's summer so I guess that's to be expected! I finally got some stuff posted on flickr today.... I'm sure I have more pics but they must be on the other camera so when I find that camera...I'll post those.

I spent most of this weekend getting caught up on things... I did two purses for birthday all of my packets and handouts ready for next weeks paperpiecing class... we'll make a coaster, a pincushion and a needle book while learning to paper piece... got my goldenthimble barn blocks for June and July done... now I need to work on my barn block of the week from cre8tivequilter...

I got my astrick mini quilt...2 placemats...and my red/white/blue star topper backed and batted and ready for quilting... I gathered up a bunch of orphan blocks that will be turned into two throw quilts for daughters of a friend..........worked on a pink/grey lacey dishcloth and quilted and added binding to my QuiltersWashline paper pieced wall hanging........

It was a very productive weekend for sure!! Hopefully this coming week will be just as good and I'll be allllll caught up again.

I need to take a look at my goals and see where I am on those also.... I know Dear Jane hasn't even been started........the scarf still isn't finished.... it's hard to work with wool in 98 degree temps! lol

Pics have been posted on the flickr site and hopefully there will be another update this week.......

oh ...and only 24 more weeks til christmas!!


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yup I'm behind

Ok... so I'm now officially 3 barn blocks behind... although since this is a weekly thing that's less than a month behind... but nevertheless... behind

Life happens... things need doing...and there are just soooooooooooo many projects that I want to do! lol

This saturday... July 3rd starts the 25 weeks til christmas program.... time to get working on those christmas goodies.... I'll be done by thanksgiving again this year which means I get to spend the last few weeks before christmas baking and relaxing! wooohooo

I've been working on a few things.... I have a small astrick quilt topper in the works as well as my swaps... I got hooked on these cute little 3.5" blocks and there's just no stopping the fun! I've got picnic ones coming in now and in July/August it will be beach and underwater. I can't wait to make cute little mini's out of these blocks!

I'll be all caught up on the barn blocks in a week or so... they are near the top of my list now and all I need is some time........ anyone got an extra hour or two I could use?

I've got a few selvedge projects planned also... mostly pincushions... small ones and another one or two over the armchair type... they'll make fun gifties!

Ok.. I'm off to work now and I'll be back this weekend with pictures!

til then

happy stitching!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Hubby Rocks!!!

Last weekend hubster and I went to the Brookfield Zoo.. we hadn't been there for a while... before we left to come home, he gave me a list of cities that we would be traveling thru and told me to find some quilt shops in those towns and we'd stop at them on the way back... what a guy!!! I had my own mini Illinois shop hop!! We stopped at 5 or 6 of them and they were great.... one in Batavia was fantastic and so was the one in Morris!! the others were great too but these two rocked!! I did get some fat quarters and some patterns....... and a really nice bar of lotion.. it's shaped like a bar of soap but it's lotion and it's really nice...... a soy blend I think

This past week I didnt' seem to get much time to work on things........ but I got my pincushion swap done... don't need to mail that til july... finished the binding on my sisters july table runner..that gets mailed this week... made 3 other pincushions.. one over the arm chair kind with pockets... and two pineapple variations... the selvedge pockets were my very first project using selvedges... not sure if I like the process.......lots of fiddly little pieces but I'll try a few more small squares and see if it gets better... the pics of all this stuff are on the flickr site as well as some bejeweled key fobs that went directly into the christmas box......

Below are the barn blocks for 22 and 23. Block 22 has a mini block however, but 23 doesn't and probably wont... this block was a bugger to do... a lot of Y seams...and I can't imagine doing it in a 3 inch size! Perhaps when I'm totally bored one day I'll give it a shot..........

We've had a lot of rain and thunderstorms this week also....... waaaay too much rain for sure... but I hesitate to complain since droughts aren't fun either! lol

I'm hoping to finish up a lot of stuff over the next couple weeks and get ready for the start of my 25 weeks til christmas program... I have lots of fun ideas for the kids, plus I need to check my goals and see where I'm at... can you believe 2010 is almost half way gone?

Pics of the barn blocks below and the rest on flickr...


Monday, May 31, 2010

It's not a mistake... its' a feature!

Well it may have started off as a mistake but now it's a feature. I printed off the Block 20 Hens and Chicks from Wisconsin Barn Blocks and set off to complete it.... I was thinking to myself that this one was somehow different but it's tested so it must be ok......... I finished the block and it measured 3 1/2 inches..... now what the heck........ I went back to my download and the PDF was fine....ut oh... then I remembered that I had been scaling some blocks for a swap and didn't set the printer back... I reprinted and remade the block.... now I have this cute little block..... I took it along to the normal monday show and tell and someone suggested that I should redo all of the blocks in the small size and make a small hanging to go with the larger one........ hmmmmmm nice idea........ another suggestion was to use the small blocks as a border around the wall hanging when it's completed.... oh yes!!!! It will be a wonderful feature for my wall hanging So block 20 and 21 have small blocks and I've gone back and printed off a few of the blocks in the smaller size... as I move forward I'll do the new blocks in both sizes and each week do one or two of the previous blocks...well at least most of the previous blocks... there were two that I really hated doing so I don't know if those will be repeated or not... we'll see

The last two weeks have been busy... and sort of productive... I now have 10 dishcloths towards my goal of 24 for the year.... two more this month will put me on track again.... a few more rows were added to the scarf and I believe that is now at the half way point....... I kitted up a few projects so they are ready to go when I have the time and the second bag of scraps is ready to be used...... the original goal was to use up 1/2 the scraps... I've done that ( whoohooo) so now I'll continue on and try to get rid of the second huge bag.... since i'll be working on christmas presents now and I have a few small projects to make I'm sure I can make a serious dent in it!

Since most of you know I'm some what of a ruler whore... I mean connissiour (sp).. I got the new eleanor burns flying goose ruler... it's a jumbo... makes geese that are 5x 10 and 2 1/2 x 5.... she also has a new single pattern that uses this ruler... the Fox and Geese table topper can be seen on the flickr site........ I'll be making some placemats and napkins to go with this from the left over fabrics.

Below are the barn block pics....... the rest are on the flickr site...


Monday, May 17, 2010

It's here It's here!!!

My fabric came today... already!!! I'm so excited... I wasn't expecting it til the end of the week! It's beautiful and yummy and luscious and MY colors too!!!!

The camera just doesn't do it justice....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I won!!!!!

yup.... I won!!! It was a simple challenge on Carol Doaks yahoo group site.... make a block with her newest pattern... hearts and flowers.... make it springy and upload a photo... the block is really cool and can be seen here

I was notified on saturday that my name was picked in a random drawing and I won!!!! What did I win you ask??? I won 10 yards of fabric from Carol's studio!!! Oh yeah!!! I was ready to pee myself!!! I'm so excited! I'll be jumping the mail man daily til it arrives... it's coming from New Hampshire ( I think) so it'll take til the end of the week at least to arrive....... I'm pumped!!!

Now there was a time when paperpiecing caused me fits and shivers.... I absolutely hated it... then one day I had to had to had to learn it.... I was facilitating a group and that weeks project was paperpieced....... so off I go to my friends quilt shop... I threw my stuff on the table and said.. ok... make it work!!!! Fifteen minutes later I was kicking myself cuz this was sooooooooooooo easy!!! I don't know what the issue was... but I've been a paper piecing fool ever since! lol I have several of carols books and foundation factory and I wouldn't part with them for the world!

Other than that... this week was pretty quiet..... another dishcloth complete.... an eyeglass/remote holder done.... this weeks Wisconson Barn block done.... and potholders for the hubster... he requested some new ones... and his wish is my command... lol

I also made a weekender bag... I was hoping it would work as a laptop bag but it's waaaay too big... plus it's quite floppy...and I'm not sure I like it even...... I plan to cover some 1/4" foam and secure it to the bottom and top and see it that stabilizes it.... it also calls for two separating sports zippers... what a waste that was!! The zippers don't need to separate.. in fact you make bar tacks so they don't separate.... and they are impossible to sew over so all that had to be done by hand...... next one ( if there is a next one) will be done with regular zippers...... much cheaper than the 3.00 a piece I spent on these.....

tonite will be a bit of knitting.......and maybe finish the binding on my sisters next table runner...... I'll be watching Chef vs City so we'll see how much I get done lol

ok... pictures posted below......and on flickr...... I'll take pics when the fabric arrives.......(did I mention how excited I am about this) kinda undoes the stashbusting I've been doing so far this year... but it's OK!!!!! lol

Til next week


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is it really May?

If it's may.... why is it 36 degrees?? I just don't understand the weather these looks bright and sunny and gorgeous and yet it's 36 degrees... hmmmmmmm
Two weeks ago the high was 80.... today the high was 56 and again overnite it will be in the 30's..... I'm tired of it now and I want it to stop! lol

Ok...another rant....if you don't want to listen...then scroll down...... I've decided to drop one of my monthly BOM's.... nothing irritates me more than someone not doing what they say they will...over and over again...... this BOM still isn't up for may... tomorrow is the 10th!! No notice on the website... no nothing... this is consistantly late and seems to get later and later all the time... so I'm going to take the 4 blocks that I've done and make a table mat for my kitchen table....I'll use the rest of the fabric for matching napkins and maybe even some placemats! I'm very greatful to those who do keep on time with their monthly and weekly blocks and I appreciate it very much... ok rant over

So...... did you like the pictures of my beautiful woodie? She's a big bird and she's just so pretty... the male is even bigger and brighter.....maybe some day he'll sit still for a photo session too!

This week was block week... Barn Block 18 is complete... Golden Thimble Barn #4 is complete.. all of my swap blocks for may are complete and going out in the mail tomorrow and my June block is also complete and going out..... I made some progress on the scarf this week...and kitted up a few things.... I have my list ready for this week too!

Hubby tilled the garden today so if it warms up this week I'll get some seedlings in for my veggies...... the herbs will go in the front boxes again this year but probably not til memorial day... should be warm enough for them by then.....

My plans for this week include putting together one of the scrapdiddly quilt tops... I have enough blocks for two throw size quilts so far........I also hope to work on my weekender bag which might just become my new laptop case and some handwork is also on the agenda. I finished up readying Shutter Island this past week... wow! nice!! and started on a local book called Murder and Mayhem in Lafayette. It's actually a history type book beginning in the 1800's with stories of who killed who and who was hung on the courthouse steps and where it happened... since I'm not originally from here it's really fun to read and get an idea of the history of the area....even if it is a little gross at times......

I'm posting pics of the Wisconsin Barn Block and the Golden Thimble Barn below... if you wanna see the cute fish waterbottle holder I did this week you'll need to go to the flickr site...

Have a great week all


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


ok sorry..... but I finally got pictures of my female pileated woodpecker.... it's as though she decided to sit and look pretty just so I could take her picture! finally!!

I had to take it thru the dining room window....... I was afraid to move to close and make the slightest sound... she' quite skittish...... but she's beautiful....

I'd love to have pics of her companion....but I have her now and I'm content (sigh)

she's below...........


Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's back!

I'll bet you didn't even notice it was gone..... but I did....... my mojo... my just up and left me about two weeks ago.... I'm thinking the new meds from the doc might be the culprit but it doesn't matter now... cuz it's back!!!

This past week has been a great week! A purse.....4 table runners... one of which is quilted and has the binding on it....finished up two dishcloths...started two more... put about 10 more rows on the scarf in progress... barn block 17... 3o's block... victory block... all completed... plus I put a few kits together for this coming week.. whew!!! It feels fantastic!!

The purse is all black and it just won't take a good picture so that's not on the flickr site... but the dishcloths and table runners and blocks are... or will be as soon as I finish up here..... I also found some time to read! Did I mention this was an incredible week?? I missed my mojo soooooooo very much!

The Scrap/stash buster totals for this month are as follows:
1 yard of scraps....15.9 yards of fabric and fat quarters...2 charm packs...1/2 yard of vinyl...2 yards of batting...8 zippers... 1/2 yard of fusible fleece..1 yard fusible interfacing....

This week I hope to take stock of my goals for this year and see where I am... I know for sure that I'm behind on dishcloths... but one scrap bag is now totally empty!! Large pieces have been used up and smaller ones have been sorted by color into containers.... so that's 1/2 the scrapbuster goal completed and most of the scrap organization completed.... I have another bag now that I will start scrapping from.... I have scrap blocks completed for two scrap quilts... they need to be put together into a top...and then another one needs to be started.... hmmmmm guess I'm more on track than I thought I was.... I need to take a good look at the ufo's however.... they scare me! lol

I'll post the usual barn block below... as well as the 30's block for this month... the rest can be found on the flickr site....

have a wonderfully fantastic week!!


The victory block is by Eleanor Burns in honor of my niece who is on her second *visit* to bahrain

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last week of April is upon us!

Can it really be? Is april almost gone? this whole year is flying by quite rapidly and I'm not near where I should be on my goals for 2010... I think I need to reevaluate and get a move on!!!

It's been raining now for two days.... nice soft gentle ground soaking rain.... but it's been cold too....... I sure hope these april showers bring beautiful may flowers.

do you know what happens when you push a little too hard while you are sewing?? Yup... that's correct... needles break and pieces fly..... ok... I know this.... but did that stop me? oh nooooooooooooooo.... I pushed just a bit to get over a bump where 4 seams met and the darn machine pushed right back.... needle broke.... but the pieces didn't fly.... nope... 1/4" of the needle went right into my finger!! Just a bit was sticking out so I was able to grab the forceps and pull it out... to my surprise it was a full 1/4" piece of needle in there.... once the throbbing stopped I took a picture ( of course) of my finger with the needle in and the piece of needle I pulled out... I'm going to post them below this weeks barn block.... so if you don't want to see it.... stop reading when you see the barn block! lol

I did some embroidery this week... hadn't done that in quite awhile... I did two small wallhangings for my wall at work.... one for the summer.... it's a picnic scene and one for august when the kids come back... those pics are over on flickr....
I also finished up some odds and ends that needed doing so I could be free to play this week.

I also got the new Quilt in a Day BarnBook and also her new Jumbo Flying Goose Ruler... wow... this thing makes massive flying geese and I just love it! I plan on playing with that this week also.......

Also on this weeks list is to finish up the house dishcloth that's on the needles and work on the white scarf...that needs to get done so I can move on to the other scarf on the needles........ those will be this weeks knitting projects

ok... that's it for now.... finger booboo is angry at this typing....... so remember...stop at the barn block if you are the least bit squemish! lol