Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last week of April is upon us!

Can it really be? Is april almost gone? this whole year is flying by quite rapidly and I'm not near where I should be on my goals for 2010... I think I need to reevaluate and get a move on!!!

It's been raining now for two days.... nice soft gentle ground soaking rain.... but it's been cold too....... I sure hope these april showers bring beautiful may flowers.

do you know what happens when you push a little too hard while you are sewing?? Yup... that's correct... needles break and pieces fly..... ok... I know this.... but did that stop me? oh nooooooooooooooo.... I pushed just a bit to get over a bump where 4 seams met and the darn machine pushed right back.... needle broke.... but the pieces didn't fly.... nope... 1/4" of the needle went right into my finger!! Just a bit was sticking out so I was able to grab the forceps and pull it out... to my surprise it was a full 1/4" piece of needle in there.... once the throbbing stopped I took a picture ( of course) of my finger with the needle in and the piece of needle I pulled out... I'm going to post them below this weeks barn block.... so if you don't want to see it.... stop reading when you see the barn block! lol

I did some embroidery this week... hadn't done that in quite awhile... I did two small wallhangings for my wall at work.... one for the summer.... it's a picnic scene and one for august when the kids come back... those pics are over on flickr....
I also finished up some odds and ends that needed doing so I could be free to play this week.

I also got the new Quilt in a Day BarnBook and also her new Jumbo Flying Goose Ruler... wow... this thing makes massive flying geese and I just love it! I plan on playing with that this week also.......

Also on this weeks list is to finish up the house dishcloth that's on the needles and work on the white scarf...that needs to get done so I can move on to the other scarf on the needles........ those will be this weeks knitting projects

ok... that's it for now.... finger booboo is angry at this typing....... so remember...stop at the barn block if you are the least bit squemish! lol




joanne lendaro said...


Block looks great, but OUCH!!!!

Jen said...

OMG I've done that and it's painful!!!

Your block looks great though!!

Judy said...

Your block looks great! love your gray.

Ouch your finger looks hurtful