Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March came in like a Lamb

March arrived in my part of Indiana on saturday as calm as a baby kitten.......it was warm and wonderful and definitely like spring! Sunday was the same.... temps in the 60's..... sunshine, warm breeze, birds singing....... Monday morning I left for work in 62 degree weather...that was at 6:30 in the morning...... by the time I got home it was 32......this morning it was -10 with the wind..... I just love Indiana weather! lol

I don't have pictures up yet of what I've been working on.... been doing a bit of this and that and a whole lot of something else! Right now I have a Miranda Bag and a Towne Purse cut and quilted and ready for sewing......I have an assortment of Wonderwallets, pouches and check book cover ready for sewing to match the bag and tote........ I have a log cabin star I'm working on for a girl at work....... I have 8 or 10 large orphan blocks sashed and ready to be quilted.... these will become candle mats for the gift box.........there are 6 others that will become table runners or toppers and I have 12 small orphan blocks ready also.... these will be made into table toppers and potholders.... I need to get busy!!!

I'll post the March goals for those of you playing along on the 25 Weeks til Christmas program....

There are more this month....so you'll need a bit more time to complete them...... right now there are 295 days left til christmas!!!! Wow! It'll be here before ya know it!

1. Complete ALL remaining goals for January and February

2. Prepare your birthday gifts for April and May

3. Fill in any remaining blank spots on your gift list... you can always change it later, but you need to have your list completed by the end of the month.

4. Gather up your orphan blocks. It's time to get rid of those leftover blocks from quilts, swaps, block of the month projects, etc. You can turn them into finished gifts in no time at all! Listed at the end of these goals are a few things you can do with orphan blocks. It will be up to you how many you complete, but you should shoot for at least 4-6 for this month.

5. If you don't quilt or have orphan blocks,or you don't want to use up your orphan blocks then you need to complete 6 pillow cases. Pillow cases can be singles or sets of 2.... up to you. Pillow cases make great gifts for kids and for college students. Flannel pillowcases are warm and comfy too! Pillow cases can also be used as *gift bags* for larger gifts. They also make wonderful bridal shower gifts too!

Things to do with orphan blocks
for larger blocks.... 16" or more... add several borders and make baby quilts or large floor pillows 4 large blocks together makes a nice lap throw or crib quilt.
for blocks 12-14" add some borders or sashing and use for table runners, table mats, candle mats, pillows, placemats, large tote bags
for blocks 8-10" pillows, placemats, tote bags, put several together for table runners or table mats
For smaller blocks quilt them and then use them to make wallets, eyeglass cases, rotary cutter cases, etc.

Think about making a shower curtain from your blocks.... they are quick and easy to do! The basic shower curtain measures 70 x 72......... I have one on my photo site that I made.... I did 6" borders on the sides and made an 8" checker board on the bottom.... the top header was 4"...and I made button holes for the hooks to go thru..... it's really a fun project...... no batting!!! after you put the blocks together.... add just a backing.... I used white cotton..... I made it like a pillow case..... sewed down the sides and across the bottom.... then turned and added the header... i just tacked the front to the back at a few places then attached a plastic liner along with the curtain when I put it on the hooks... if you draw it out on a piece of graph paper first.... it goes together really quickly.

Ok kids.... you have your assignments.........I'll post pictures of what I've done so far soon........

See you in a week!!