Sunday, August 30, 2009

August is gone!

Wow! The summer sure did fly by quickly! The kids are back at school and it's been rather cold here in the evenings...... I sure hope that doesn't mean winter will come early!!!

I didn't get a lot done this week on the scrap project.... I did 4 star blocks for the star quilt...... decided to do a few more birds and a few less grass blocks for the crazy bird quilt.......and decided that the beach house quilt is gonna look weird with assorted skys here and there... but I'm makin' it anyway! lol

I did two paper pieced quilt labels from scraps left over from a table topper and a wallhanging I made this week..... they can be seen on my flickr site and the labels are posted below. I'll be teaching a paper piecing class in october on these lables... so for now they are samples....and after the class they will be added to the table topper and wallhanging which should be quilted and bound by then.....

Hubby and I were gone all day saturday again.... up to chicago to the Field Museum so I didn't get anything done yesterday....... next weekend... weather permitting we'll be gone to Indianapolis to the zoo....... so I'll need to get busy during the week to get more things accomplished...

Oh.... and if you look at the calendar you'll see that Christmas is quickly approaching.... will you be ready??