Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Hubby Rocks!!!

Last weekend hubster and I went to the Brookfield Zoo.. we hadn't been there for a while... before we left to come home, he gave me a list of cities that we would be traveling thru and told me to find some quilt shops in those towns and we'd stop at them on the way back... what a guy!!! I had my own mini Illinois shop hop!! We stopped at 5 or 6 of them and they were great.... one in Batavia was fantastic and so was the one in Morris!! the others were great too but these two rocked!! I did get some fat quarters and some patterns....... and a really nice bar of lotion.. it's shaped like a bar of soap but it's lotion and it's really nice...... a soy blend I think

This past week I didnt' seem to get much time to work on things........ but I got my pincushion swap done... don't need to mail that til july... finished the binding on my sisters july table runner..that gets mailed this week... made 3 other pincushions.. one over the arm chair kind with pockets... and two pineapple variations... the selvedge pockets were my very first project using selvedges... not sure if I like the process.......lots of fiddly little pieces but I'll try a few more small squares and see if it gets better... the pics of all this stuff are on the flickr site as well as some bejeweled key fobs that went directly into the christmas box......

Below are the barn blocks for 22 and 23. Block 22 has a mini block however, but 23 doesn't and probably wont... this block was a bugger to do... a lot of Y seams...and I can't imagine doing it in a 3 inch size! Perhaps when I'm totally bored one day I'll give it a shot..........

We've had a lot of rain and thunderstorms this week also....... waaaay too much rain for sure... but I hesitate to complain since droughts aren't fun either! lol

I'm hoping to finish up a lot of stuff over the next couple weeks and get ready for the start of my 25 weeks til christmas program... I have lots of fun ideas for the kids, plus I need to check my goals and see where I'm at... can you believe 2010 is almost half way gone?

Pics of the barn blocks below and the rest on flickr...


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