Monday, May 31, 2010

It's not a mistake... its' a feature!

Well it may have started off as a mistake but now it's a feature. I printed off the Block 20 Hens and Chicks from Wisconsin Barn Blocks and set off to complete it.... I was thinking to myself that this one was somehow different but it's tested so it must be ok......... I finished the block and it measured 3 1/2 inches..... now what the heck........ I went back to my download and the PDF was fine....ut oh... then I remembered that I had been scaling some blocks for a swap and didn't set the printer back... I reprinted and remade the block.... now I have this cute little block..... I took it along to the normal monday show and tell and someone suggested that I should redo all of the blocks in the small size and make a small hanging to go with the larger one........ hmmmmmm nice idea........ another suggestion was to use the small blocks as a border around the wall hanging when it's completed.... oh yes!!!! It will be a wonderful feature for my wall hanging So block 20 and 21 have small blocks and I've gone back and printed off a few of the blocks in the smaller size... as I move forward I'll do the new blocks in both sizes and each week do one or two of the previous blocks...well at least most of the previous blocks... there were two that I really hated doing so I don't know if those will be repeated or not... we'll see

The last two weeks have been busy... and sort of productive... I now have 10 dishcloths towards my goal of 24 for the year.... two more this month will put me on track again.... a few more rows were added to the scarf and I believe that is now at the half way point....... I kitted up a few projects so they are ready to go when I have the time and the second bag of scraps is ready to be used...... the original goal was to use up 1/2 the scraps... I've done that ( whoohooo) so now I'll continue on and try to get rid of the second huge bag.... since i'll be working on christmas presents now and I have a few small projects to make I'm sure I can make a serious dent in it!

Since most of you know I'm some what of a ruler whore... I mean connissiour (sp).. I got the new eleanor burns flying goose ruler... it's a jumbo... makes geese that are 5x 10 and 2 1/2 x 5.... she also has a new single pattern that uses this ruler... the Fox and Geese table topper can be seen on the flickr site........ I'll be making some placemats and napkins to go with this from the left over fabrics.

Below are the barn block pics....... the rest are on the flickr site...


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Jen said...

OMG, those are ADORABLE!!! Seriously adorable!!!