Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is it really May?

If it's may.... why is it 36 degrees?? I just don't understand the weather these looks bright and sunny and gorgeous and yet it's 36 degrees... hmmmmmmm
Two weeks ago the high was 80.... today the high was 56 and again overnite it will be in the 30's..... I'm tired of it now and I want it to stop! lol

Ok...another rant....if you don't want to listen...then scroll down...... I've decided to drop one of my monthly BOM's.... nothing irritates me more than someone not doing what they say they will...over and over again...... this BOM still isn't up for may... tomorrow is the 10th!! No notice on the website... no nothing... this is consistantly late and seems to get later and later all the time... so I'm going to take the 4 blocks that I've done and make a table mat for my kitchen table....I'll use the rest of the fabric for matching napkins and maybe even some placemats! I'm very greatful to those who do keep on time with their monthly and weekly blocks and I appreciate it very much... ok rant over

So...... did you like the pictures of my beautiful woodie? She's a big bird and she's just so pretty... the male is even bigger and brighter.....maybe some day he'll sit still for a photo session too!

This week was block week... Barn Block 18 is complete... Golden Thimble Barn #4 is complete.. all of my swap blocks for may are complete and going out in the mail tomorrow and my June block is also complete and going out..... I made some progress on the scarf this week...and kitted up a few things.... I have my list ready for this week too!

Hubby tilled the garden today so if it warms up this week I'll get some seedlings in for my veggies...... the herbs will go in the front boxes again this year but probably not til memorial day... should be warm enough for them by then.....

My plans for this week include putting together one of the scrapdiddly quilt tops... I have enough blocks for two throw size quilts so far........I also hope to work on my weekender bag which might just become my new laptop case and some handwork is also on the agenda. I finished up readying Shutter Island this past week... wow! nice!! and started on a local book called Murder and Mayhem in Lafayette. It's actually a history type book beginning in the 1800's with stories of who killed who and who was hung on the courthouse steps and where it happened... since I'm not originally from here it's really fun to read and get an idea of the history of the area....even if it is a little gross at times......

I'm posting pics of the Wisconsin Barn Block and the Golden Thimble Barn below... if you wanna see the cute fish waterbottle holder I did this week you'll need to go to the flickr site...

Have a great week all


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Regina said...

I think we were doing the same BOM... luckily I usually wait until I have all 12 and then go through and make the project, but it is frustrating waiting on the next one!