Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The End of May

Well another month has flown by.....it's almost June!! I'm not sure where the spring went, but it will soon be summer here in Indiana.....

I've uploaded new pictures to the flickr site. I've finished the top of baby quilt #5... the applique train... it's a small quilt... more of a draggy quilt for the little one. I have some really large, primary colored buttons that i'll attach as wheels once I have the quilting done. The train will also get a matching pillow case. I have the June quilters dozen block almost finished... I need to do the applique, then I can quilt it and post the pictures of May and and June.. May isn't quilted yet either... I made a small wall hanging... it's about 8 1/2 x 11 and it's a paper pieced farm scene.... this was really fun and sates my appetite for miniatures and paper piecing. I think I'll do a few more and then make my self a * small wall* somewhere upstairs for all the small hangings. I also found a book called Small Quilts for Small spaces that I want to try. These are mostly seasonal and mostly applique. There are some really nice shadow techniques that I want to try.

I embroidered two retirement bibs and I'm in the process ( as we speak) of monogramming towel sets for graduation gifts. Today seems to be finish it up day.... I have a large amount of semi finished and almost finished things ......once the towels are done... the only thing left is the Star Log Cabin Wall Hanging......then I'll be caught up again and I can start a whole new pile of fun things!!

I've also posted some pictures of my yard....and my spot on the deck where I sew outside... I love to sit outside and sew... the sounds of the birds and bees is quite soothing to me. I've also posted a picture of a Pileated Wood Pecker.... I was sooooooooooooooo excited last week when there was not one... but TWO of them on my Woodie feeders.. This is the largest of the woodpeckers. There are 5 kinds in Indiana....and now I've had all of them at my feeders.. I hope he's taken up residence somewhere in my yard too! The picture was taken thru two glass doors and was as close as I could get... he's very skitterish right now... but I'm sure he'll get used to me sooner or later. The smaller birds come up on the deck and sit on the railing and watch me sew and the hummers fly within a foot of me just to see what I'm up too!

For those of you following along on the 25 Weeks project... the June goals will go up this coming weekend......

For now, please enjoy the newest pictures......have a safe and wonderful week


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