Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dancing Santa

Good Morning!
I've added a dancing santa to the page... isn't he just the cutest lil thing?? lol You can hop on over to Care2 ( and get one for your place too!

Santa you say??? It's only June! Well yes... but there are only 185 days left til christmas and in just 1 1/2 short weeks it will be time to kick the Christmas gifting into gear!!!

Those of you following along with the 25 weeks need to have your box and your list ready. It's time to get busy!

I haven't added any pictures to the flickr site this week yet.... I have a few things in various stages of completion and when they are all finished...they'll go up on the site... it was one of those weeks!! I have 2 table toppers and 2 table runners to quilt........I have 2 paper pieced hangings to quilt.... I have 4 more mini hangings to make... I'm teaching classes at the shop this summer so I need some saturday class was moved to Wednesday so I'll be teaching wednesday nite. I have to stitch the binding on the train quilt......finish the knitted dishcloth I up the baby booties.... and finsh the July Quilters Dozen block... I have 5 paper pieced stars to do and then put it together....... I need to get all this stuff done before the weekend.... cuz that's when I gotta get this place whipped into shape! Hubbys' sister is coming out over the July 4th holiday. We're going to Rockhome Gardens to the quilt various quilt shops and we hope to get a bunch of sewing done too!! So next week there will be pictures!

Today is chop up the tree day. The storms that went thru this past week took down a Walnut tree... gotta chop it up into pieces so it dries by winter.... it'll provide some firewood so that's a good thing... it didn't fall on anything when it came down so that's a good thing too!!... I love chain saws too....and that's a very good thing! lol

Well... the coffee's done.....and it's time to sew.

See ya all in a week!
Merry almost Christmas!!!


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